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Are you an independent podcast creator? Then this community is for you.

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"Podcasting can be a lonely experience without friends who understand its unique challenges. Being part of a community of podcasters who are all at different points along their journey offers an opportunity to learn and grow together by supporting, celebrating, sharing knowledge, and forging friendships. I’m so in." ~ Boston B.


The Workbench Category

Think of this community as a workshop for artists.

The Workbench Category is the big work table in the middle of it all.

"Our Podcasting Journey should be understood within the context of our entire life. We might dive in and commit overnight, with consistent productions following ever-after OR we might have a longer gestation. Either way, this community is a PERFECT FIT because the creator/moderator thrums with skills, experience, and creativity plus the heart to continuously watch and then serve up a constantly adapting supportive landscape dotted with enthusiastic communities for us to engage with as we go. Best way to decide is get inside." ~ Mary R.


The Spotlight

Every few weeks I start a Spotlight topic where the entire community can engage.

  1. There’s a week for discussion, online, in that topic.
  2. Next, there’s a live Zoom call for interactive discussion. The video and takeaways are posted.
  3. Finally, there’s time for further discussion, online, in the topic before we start the cycle over.

Each Spotlight is an opportunity to get feedback, help and ideas from the entire Podcaster Community.

"As a relatively new podcaster, it’s important to me to continuously learn and improve what I am offering to my listeners. Becoming a member gives me access to an active, generous podcasting community, as well as the resources and discussions about content, process and tech. Easy decision." ~ Linda M.

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Be seen by other podcasters

You can introduce yourself, post your show, and advertise your services in the Introductions category.

"Do you want to create a podcast? Do you already have a podcast and want to keep on learning? Either way, interacting with others in the Podcaster Community will address your questions, provide opportunities to receive and generate feedback, and cultivate true relationships with others on the podcasting path. Membership is a great idea that will uncover as many benefits as you need." ~ David R.


To make things easier to find, we have a small collection of tags defined here in the Podcaster Community. We don’t have a large number of tags—instead we have a carefully curated list of tags meant to keep things maximally useful.

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If you’re ready to become a member, head to the subscription setup page.