Launch, community members, and features

It’s been one month since I pressed the ‘deploy’ button and began madly dashing around arranging furniture (and setting up the hors d’œuvres and collecting coats and hats as people arrive.) This feels like a good milestone to do a little circumspection.


The purpose of this community is to enable each of us to share our passion for creating podcasts. The newest thing, Workbench sessions is specifically aimed at this purpose.


This community cannot succeed unless it brings people together. Hey, thank you for being here. Seriously, whether you’re just standing in the back row reading over our shoulders, have created a free account, or are all-in as a paying Supporting Member, I’m glad you’re here.

Here’s a few people-oriented things…

Notable new users — The platform selects these automatically. There’s a nifty New user of the month badge which the system just awarded to @JuleKucera and @steve . Thank you for being so generous with your button-pushing and posting!

Founding members — “Member” means you’ve created a free account; If you want to be a member—BOOM!—you are. You demonstrate your membership by showing up here and engaging as you see fit. Since it’s so easy to become a member, I wanted to recognize those people who’ve shown up first. The first 50 members are being awarded the Founding Member Badge. Thank you, you trend-setters!

Supporting Members — “Supporting Member” means you’ve stepped into the inner circle and put some money where your heart is. These people are in a group all their own—figuratively yes, but also literally: Our Supporting Members make all of this possible. “Thank you,” doesn’t do justice to their support… but saying it is a start. :)


I’ve been frequently moving the furniture in this space. If you’ve whacked your shin on something in the middle of the night, I hope you can understand that I’m trying to make things better with each change.

Be sure you’ve seen the Site map. I’m keeping it up-to-date with each change. (That’s probably a great Discourse topic to save as a bookmark.)

That said: If you have a suggestion, comment, or errata, please TELL ME.



Thanks for all your efforts in creating a community!