Our culture


“If our culture resonates with you, you will find yourself warmly welcomed. On the other hand, this community might not be for you, and that’s okay too. Here I’ve tried to unpack some of our culture so you can figure out if this community really is your community.”

Craig Constantine

Motivation and tone

The people in this community are generous. We’re the kind of people who lean in to help, and who offer a hand to lift others up. We like to think a bit more before we hit reply. We show up here to be helpful, to be inspired, to share our passion, to share what we’ve learned, and we like to ask questions.

Who’s it for?

The purpose of this community is to enable each of us to share our passion for creating podcasts.

Are you interested in creating podcasts? Whether you’re casually thinking about it, have just begun, or are publishing your 100th episode, then we consider you a podcast creator.

This community is a place where podcast creators can share and amplify their enthusiasm for the art of podcasting. You can show up as little or as much as you want. I understand that life gets busy, and we each have commitments and responsibilities in our lives. This community will be here whenever your podcasting passion bubbles up.

My personal commitment is to do what it takes to create the space and to be the first steward of this community. That includes taking care of the day-to-day chores, having a sound business plan, and planning for managing growth, (both growing successfully and restraining growth so we don’t lose what makes the community special.)

If you want something to learn, are seeking a conversation to engage in, are looking for camaraderie, have a question, need a nudge, or even a well-intentioned shove… You’ll find that here. Here you can engage when you want, contribute what you wish, and get what you need. Here you won’t find saccharine trivialities, fear-of-missing-out, click-bait, nor advertising. Here, you are not the product.


We do have some spaces here for self-promotion. But we are particular about who can self-promote, what can be posted, and where it belongs. If you’ve the right tone and intention we’ll gladly help you get things sorted out.

Who — Self-promotion is only permitted for our supporting members.

What — Everything here should be related, (albeit sometimes tenuously,) to podcasting. Everything appearing on this Forum should be suitable for children who might be looking over our members’ shoulders at any moment. When in doubt, please ask.

Where — Clear pitches (hire me, buy my thing, etc.) may be included in your post in the Introductions category. Your show, (or shows if you have more than one,) get posted in the Supporters’ Podcasts category. Those categories have “about” topics with more detail about how to post there.

tip — Now that you’ve finished reading, look at our Site map and then if you still have questions, post them in #site-help .


@craig Thank you for being that first steward, Craig. I’m in the “just thinking about it stage,” and generally am a person who likes to check something out for a while and think about it and process it, so I probably won’t say much at this point. But looking at the topics and having gotten emails from the group that are posting, I do appreciate the knowledge and experience and sharing that is going on.

Just wanted to let you know. Thanks.

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