Growth, campfires, and people

Occassionally, I get the urge to do a little circumspection about the state of things here.



In just two months, we are half way to this community being entirely self-supporting. If I draw a graph using the data so far, this works in the long run.

This community cannot succeed unless it brings people together. You people rock! Thank you for being here.

Seriously, whether you’re just standing in the back row reading over our shoulders, have created a free account, or are all-in as a supporting member , I’m glad you’re here.


Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The Community gets together occasionally in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art. Campfires, which will appear in the #public:campfires category, are a way for us to gather and hang-out.

I have put up a blog post, Campfire, marshmallows and conversation which explains the origin story. A while ago, the Movers Mindset team did this and had a lot of fun. You can see the results in, the Campfire topics if you’re curious. What happens is you get an enjoyable social experience in the call, and we come away with a document that is interesting for others to read after the fact.

The first PodComm Campfire is next Sunday, August 8th 3-4pm NYC-timezone.

2021-08-08T19:00:00Z2021-08-08T20:00:00Z in your timezone.


A few people-oriented things…

It’s “people” — I took the time to hunt down all the places where Discourse tries to objectify us as “users,” and bent it to be “people.”

"I am not a number!"

~ Number Six

Member directory — Have you found the very spiffy member directory? (Heads up: It’ll be a blank screen if you’re an anonymous visitor.)

Founding members — “Member” here means you’ve created a free account; If you want to be a member—BOOM!—you’re in. You demonstrate your membership by showing up here and engaging as you see fit. Since it’s so easy to become a member, I wanted to recognize those people who’ve shown up first. The first 50 members are being awarded the Founding Member Badge. Thank you, you trend-setters!

As always, if you have a suggestion, comment, or errata, please TELL ME.