Changes to the Podcaster Community

After much soul searching, I’m making changes to the Podcaster Community.

This message is going out to everyone

…but, if you are already a paying member, nothing is changing for you.

Changing focus — I’m changing my focus to support independent podcast creators. Going forward, in this community I’ll be creating content, and leading discussions, specifically for the people who are community members.

No longer free — It’s been taking increasing time and effort to oversee a community with public content. If you’d like to continue reading and engaging here, I hope you’ll consider becoming a member.

Private community — There will be no publicly visible content. Visitors will only see content intended to explain why they would want to join. See what’s inside for our members.

Campfires — Our monthly Campfire calls remain the same. There will be a publicly visible topic announcing each campfire. You’ll still get a notification from this platform about that topic, so you can still join the regular calls (2nd Saturdays and last Sundays.)

Podtalk — Each episode has a public topic here so you can read the extended show notes. However, interacting and replying will be available only to community members.

Read more about our culture or who’s it for?

Questions? You can message me by messaging through the moderators group…

If you’re ready to become a member, head to the subscription setup page.


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