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This community is a place where podcast creators can share and amplify their enthusiasm for the art of podcasting. You can show up as little or as much as you want. I understand that life gets busy, and we each have commitments and responsibilities in our lives. This community will be here whenever your podcasting passion bubbles up.

Our culture

It’s important that you understand the culture here. Take a few minutes to read, Our culture . It explains the intention and tone that is expected within this community.

Public categories

These categories are visible to everyone, including anonymous visitors and search engines.

#public — For things which don’t fit anywhere else. When in doubt, post here.

#introductions — Our Supporting Members are encouraged to introduce themselves in this category.

#listen — Is the category where the companion podcast episodes are published. You can also listen wherever you normally listen to podcasts.

#podcasts — A place for Supporting Members to post information about their podcasts.

#workbench — This Podcaster Community is an artists’ atelier, and the workbench is the big table in the middle of it all.

#news — Topics appear in this category based on select RSS feeds. The category is weird, click over and read the About topic. (By default, you don’t see news from this category.)

#help — Help using this platform (which is called Discourse.) Not help with podcasting.

Be a guest on the podcast

You do not need to have a podcast to be a guest. You only need to be a community member. (Are you logged in? …you’re a member. :) Interested? See, How to be a guest.

The items below are for our Supporting Members…

:warning: HEADS UP! None of these links below will work if you are not yet a Supporting Member. But our Supporting Members need a map too and it’s just nicer for everyone to be able to see where everything is. Becoming a paying Supporting Member gets you additional benefits and your contribution makes it possible to keep this community going. See, What’s inside for our Supporting Members

The Workbench

This Podcaster Community is an artists’ atelier, and the workbench is the big table in the middle of it all. This is where Supporting Members can ask questions or start discussions with maximum visibility to the entire community. See, About the Workbench category.

Virtual campfires

On the second Sunday of each month, Supporting Members are invited to gather for free-form socializing. Read more…

Community calendar

We have a central community calendar which you can add to your favorite calendar software so you don’t miss things.

Categories where Supporting Members can post

#journals — A private space just for the Supporting Members, for “dailies”, writing, audio journaling, etc.

#introductions — A space for our Supporting Members to introduce themselves.
(…if you’re not yet a Supporting Member, simply introduce yourself in #public :)

#podcasts — If you have your own podcast, take a few minutes to post it here.
(…not a Supporting Member? simply post in #public :)

#supporters — A private space just for the Supporting Members. Here we can discuss changes to the community, share information on supporters-only events, etc.