About the Campfires category

Our virtual Campfires are gatherings where you can share your ideas and passion for podcasting in a social setting.


At a Campfire you can get reenergized, have a laugh, share a story, noodle a problem in a breakout room, or just bask in the glow of some camaraderie.

Twice Each Month

Second Saturdays at 3pm Eastern/NYC
Last Sundays at 3pm Eastern/NYC

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We gather on Zoom, for an hour.

Each Campfire has its own topic in the Campfires category. We create the topic in advance with the Zoom details. (You’ll also find the link in your calendar app.)

After the Campfire, we post some video, and some takeaways. So if you miss a Campfire, you can still catch the best parts.

Our Culture

The people in this community are generous. We’re the kind of people who lean in to help, and who offer a hand to lift others up. We like to think a bit more before we jump in. We show up to be helpful, to be inspired, to share our passion, to share what we’ve learned, and we like to ask questions.

You can read more about Our Culture.


Long ago, Akimbo created a podcasting course. Graduates of the course were invited to an Akimbo-run, alumni community which was named Forward Link. Within that community, the podcasting alumni started a monthly meeting on the last Sunday of every month.

Akimbo eventually closed their alumni community, and the podcasters wanted to continue meeting. @steveh stepped forward to coordinate the monthly calls and called them Forward Podcasters as a hat-tip to the old Forward Link community.

We are in his debt for years of his single-handed, hard work. As a show of my thanks, he’s a recipient of this community’s Influencer Badge.

From its beginning, this Podcaster Community was having its own monthly gatherings called Campfires. They were scheduled on the second Saturday of every month, to double everyone’s opportunities to get together. There have always been a lot of the same faces on both of these monthly gatherings.

In September of 2023, Steve and I discussed combining our efforts. Going forward, the Podcaster Community is going to take on the logistics of the Forward Podcasters Sunday calls. We’ll handle scheduling the Zoom calls, hosting the videos from the calls, and hosting public topics for each call. If you’ve been to the Sunday gatherings, we’ll be keeping the same structure that you’re familiar with.

Finally, thanks for reading this far! I appreciate your time and attention, and I don’t take it for granted.