Campfire: Sunday, March 24, 2024

2024-03-24 Campfire

@supporters @pod-alumni March 24th is the Sunday Campfire Zoom call for March!

This is shifted one week earlier as the last Sunday in March is a Holiday for many people.

Sunday, March 24th - 3pm Eastern US/NYC

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¡ Beware of daylight-savings-time differences !

NYC US/Eastern is now in DST. This call is at 3pm in US/Eastern timezone. is your friend :slight_smile:

Video, notes and takeaways will be posted as replies to this topic. Hope to see you there!

Call link

Zoom link :arrow_down_small:

Meeting ID: 841 3112 7544
Passcode: 119822

What’s a campfire?

Campfires are our twice-monthly (usually, 2nd Saturdays and last Sundays) gatherings where you can share your ideas and passion for podcasting in a social setting.

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@supporters @pod-alumni the monthly Sunday call begins in less than 3 hours . . . (3pm US Eastern/NYC)



Preparation versus spontaneity in interviews — the balance between coming prepared and allowing for natural conversation flow is crucial for engaging and insightful interviews.

Editing for clarity, not speed — careful editing can enhance the listener’s experience, but over-editing, especially removing natural pauses, may detract from the authenticity of the conversation.

Impact of guest selection on downloads — selecting guests with broader appeal can spike download numbers, yet consistent audience growth relies on content relevance and host-guest chemistry.

Exploring podcast statistics and analytics — diving into download data and analytics can offer insights but interpreting these numbers meaningfully presents challenges without clear metrics for success.

Content strategy and audience retention — the conversation suggests that building a loyal listener base is more about quality and relevance of content than merely chasing download numbers.

Use of social media for podcast promotion — the effectiveness of different social media platforms varies, with each platform potentially attracting a unique segment of the podcast’s overall audience.

The concept of omni-channel content creation — expanding a podcast’s presence across multiple platforms can enhance audience reach but requires a nuanced understanding of each platform’s audience.

Listener engagement through personal stories and experiences — sharing personal insights and stories can significantly increase listener engagement and foster a stronger connection with the audience.

The role of episode length and structure — discussions around how the length and structure of episodes can influence listener engagement, with shorter episodes generally attracting more listeners.

Celebrity influence versus content quality — while celebrity guests can attract listeners, the quality of content and the host’s authenticity are critical for sustaining listener interest.

Rejection in guest outreach — approaching potential guests with resilience, viewing rejections as not yet a ‘yes,’ can open up opportunities for high-profile interviews in the future.

Cross-promotion and collaboration opportunities — the potential for podcasts to grow through cross-promotion and collaborations with other creators or guests was touched upon, highlighting the community aspect of podcasting.

Importance of listener feedback — incorporating listener feedback into podcast development can tailor content more closely to audience preferences, enhancing engagement.

Challenges of content distribution — navigating the complexities of distributing content effectively across various platforms to maximize reach and listener engagement.


Steve mentioned, and showed an example, of

Seth Godin’s recent appearance in Tim Ferris’s podcast was mentioned as having some great “why” gems from Seth.

Mark’s recent episode of his Heavy Hitters Sports, with Frank Gifford’s son Cody, was a major hit and that prompted a lot of discussion around stats.

Mark mentioned my recent Podtalk episode, with Leticia Latino has having a bunch of great moments and info. It’s also shared here in the Podtalk category.

…what else did I miss? Please hit reply and add more thoughts.

Saw this today, related to a bit of discussion we had around chopping out too much…

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