Campfire: Saturday, Feb 10, 2024

2024-02-10 Campfire

February 10th is the Saturday Campfire Zoom call for February!

Saturday, February 10th - 3pm Eastern US/NYC

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Video, notes and takeaways will be posted as replies to this topic. Hope to see you there!

Call link

Zoom Call link :arrow_down_small:

Meeting ID: 850 6294 5163
Passcode: 289226

What’s a campfire?

Campfires are our twice-monthly (usually, 2nd Saturdays and last Sundays) gatherings where you can share your ideas and passion for podcasting in a social setting.

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@pod-alumni @supporters The first Campfire of February is later today. Details at the top of this topic. (2nd campfire in February is on 25th.)

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@supporters @pod-alumni video and notes below. Next Campfire is Sun, Feb 25…



  • New podcast idea and remote recording setup. 0:00
  • Recording audio and video without software or gear. 1:21
  • Audio and video capture interface for streaming. 6:50
  • Finding podcast guests and outreach strategies. 10:21
  • Podcast advertising and promotion strategies. 14:39
  • Podcasting, interviewing, and editing. 18:00
  • Podcast editing and interviewing techniques. 21:04
  • Capturing creativity and originality in podcast interviews. 25:24
  • Podcasts and their impact on listeners. 26:26
  • Podcast interviews and storytelling techniques. 28:08
  • Storytelling techniques and resources. 29:28
  • Podcast preparation and nerves among hosts and guests. 37:56
  • Overcoming fear of math and learning. 43:25


  • Recording gear: Mentioned R0DE’s Streamer X
  • A platform for podcast hosts and guests to find each other, facilitating guest appearances on various podcasts. Described as useful for discovering potential podcast guests and opportunities.
  • Has a free newsletter that connects podcast hosts with potential guests, offering listings of guests seeking opportunities to appear on podcasts and podcasts looking for guests. Mentioned as a resource for guest outreach.
  • Story Grid: A book and methodology ( for editing novels and stories, possibly confused with “story structure” in the conversation. It provides tools and insights for structuring and analyzing story content.
  • Robert McKee’s: Renowned for his storytelling workshops ( and the book Story, which provides insights into crafting compelling stories. Mentioned in connection with story structure.
  • Transom: A website dedicated to supporting public radio and podcasting through tools, resources, and workshops. Mentioned in relation to storytelling and podcasting tips. See, Worth a look: My kingdom for some structure.
  • Andrew Warner’s Stop Asking Questions: A book mentioned for its advice on conducting interviews and engaging in meaningful conversations, offering practical tips for podcasters and interviewers.
  • Bernadette Jiwa: A storyteller and marketer known for her insights into storytelling in business. Mentioned in relation to a storytelling course and community program for improving storytelling skills.
  • Akimbo workshops that merged: The old Akimbo Copy Writing Workshop and Writing in Community merged into
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