Let's discuss how long we want these videos available

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: I propose that we only keep these videos here for a “short” time. Just long enough that you can watch if you’re really interested. And then remove them to honor the ephemeral nature of the real-time engagement of those who did attend.

There’s been change recently as I’m stepping up to help Steve with the last-Sundays monthly calls, and I wanted to discuss changing video retention rather than simply taking action based on my ideas.

:thinking: The history of all the calls is in, About the Campfires category


Last-Sundays calls — Steve has a ton of historical video from previous calls. They are publicly visible to anyone, but you’d have to have been on the email list to easily find them.

Second-Saturdays calls — I’ve not been recording the second-Saturday Campfires.

…and now we are posting Campfire topics (for both the second-Saturdays and last-Sundays) here in the Podcaster Community. These topics, and the embedded videos, are completely public. Anyone can find them via search engines or by browsing this platform.

My proposal…

I’d like to only retain a couple topics here, in the “Campfires” category of the Podcaster Community…

  • You’d be able to see the topic for the previous call’s information and its video.
  • You’d be able to see the topic for the next call with the upcoming information.

My thinking is that if you missed the call, but really are interested, then you can swing by and watch.

But at the same time, I’d like to not immortalize what anyone said or did as a permanent topic.


How to stay in the loop

The dates for upcoming calls are set way in advance…

You can always see the Podcaster Community calendar: Click the menu at the top-right, and then click Calendar.

You can subscribe your calendar program to follow the Podcaster Community calendar automatically; see, Podcaster Community calendar

You don’t even have to login here (“login” meaning, create an account and enter your username/password to use all the platform features) …you can simply join the Mailing List for Podcaster Community Updates

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During our meeting on Saturday, we discussed possibly retaining the recordings for the last X weeks or Z months. I believe it’s rare someone in this community will take the time to watch meetings older than that.

I’m in favour of keeping meeting recordings short-term for eventual async recaps - not keeping them indefinitely since people get their accounts stolen or locked every minute of the day.

Worth highlighting in this long-term context is

I would love to hear other thoughts.

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Some observations and thoughts to add into the mix

Previously you had to have the link to access the videos - so not quite publicly available. Link in the emails I sent out.

It takes more energy to make a decision so keeping them was easier than deciding to delete them. Especially as the original intent was to serve and people might want to watch them. Very few have and usually just after the call or just before the next one.

Two at most seems enough.

The breakout sessions are not recorded.

Fully public feels a bit too public. But better if there is no extensive archive.

Risk to data is a valid concern @ric

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I wanted to be sure everyone is still okay with this… I’ve begun deleting the older topics and the video on a rolling basis.