Telling this community's story

In recent weeks, I’ve had some exceptional conversations with @Emeric and @ric. Thanks guys! It really helps when people are willing to listen to me blather on, and then ask me the good-hard questions. :slight_smile:

I’ve not changed any functionality, I just wanted to lay out some of the story-telling changes just to show my work. Unless you’re here a lot and are super-detail-oriented, these changes are probably too subtle to notice… thus I’m pointing them out.

Fear of missing out, and avoiding overload

This is the single biggest thing I’ve been struggling with: How to explain my idea for what this community is supposed to be. Back in June, I wrote a first attempt. There was a glimmer of the story, but it focused too much on “levels” and features. I’ve rewritten it, and this gets much closer to the heart of the story I want to share:

This community is a place where podcasters can share and amplify their enthusiasm for the art of podcasting. You can show up as little or as much as you want. I understand that life gets busy, and we each have commitments and responsibilities in our lives. This community will be here whenever your podcasting passion bubbles up.

My personal commitment is to do what it takes to create the space and to be the first steward of this community. That includes taking care of the day-to-day chores, having a sound business plan, and planning for managing growth, (both growing successfully and restraining growth so we don’t lose what makes the community special.)

If you want something to learn, are seeking a conversation to engage in, are looking for camaraderie, have a question, need a nudge, or even a well-intentioned shove… You’ll find that here. Here you can engage when you want, contribute what you wish, and get what you need. Here you won’t find saccharine trivialities, fear-of-missing-out, click-bait, nor advertising. Here, you are not the product.

Who’s it for?

The second-most important page on this entire Forum is, Who’s it for? That’s why there’s a link to that page in the top-banner.

Welcome! is the most important page here. It’s pinned to the top of the listing of Topics for new people. It’s where people land when they access the link which I most often share,

I’ve removed my use of the words “anonymous visitor.” That’s a technical description, rather than a way that people would identify themselves. That changes the tone of this part of the page…

Our visitors

Everyone is welcome! A key feature of this community is that some of what we create, post and discuss is publicly visible. While there’s value in having a private community and private content, some things which begin and develop inside the community become true gems that would benefit people beyond the community.

Our members

Everyone who creates a free account and logs in is a member. While visitors can read, our members can engage in the public areas. Members can “like,” reply, and post in certain public areas.



Hi @Craig - Speechless with joy that a number of accidents led me to sign up for POD9 when it was totally illogical to do so - which led to a transition here + grateful for this space + do have actual questions + can imagine becoming useful to others someday = thank you!


Appreciate all that; thanks for making and stewarding the space, Craig.


Love the new story rising up. Grateful for he time and effort you have put into building this wonderful community :pray: :two_hearts: