Storytelling - with Linda McLachlan

Storytelling, questions and coaching




Thank you @craig, I think the best part is at the 13:47 point. :laughing:

Here are a few of the podcasts we talked about and a few more that after I thought about it, are perhaps better examples of ‘storytelling’.

Serial - The Improvement Association was amazing.
OnBeing (love the spin off Poetry Unbound too). Not really story telling but great skill in the interview and guiding her guests in telling their story.
A Bit of Optimism - his recent Episode 36: The Awesome Responsibility with Kyle Carpenter I thought was particularly great but Kyle was also a great teller of his own story.
Hard Times & Hope - Love the structure @JuleKucera uses.

Thanks for the conversation!


@thearena Linda, thanks for your kind words. Regarding structure, you and I are doing such similar things with our structure–the same/almost the same questions and looking to create the classic three-act structure for the storyline. And like you, I’m continually amazed by the variety/surprise/emotional geography of guest’s responses.

@craig Thank you for creating this podcast (as well as this community)! I like this ‘behind the curtain’ view of how other podcasters approach their storytelling/podcasting/etc.

Thank you both!


My Pleasure! Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: Grab a spot: How to be a guest on the companion podcast


Oh this is weird–I’m listening to you on a podcast right now so when I got your reply my initial reaction was, “How can Craig answer while he’s in the middle of a conversation?”


update: I’ve added a transcript to the original post. Enjoy!


Based on this episode, I created a written-to-be-read article, On Storytelling.

I’d love to do more of these, but I need to wait until we have more supporting members to offset the cost of the transcriptions.

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