Writing short descriptions for the Community's podcast episodes

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Terrific, @AnnieP — that would be very helpful.

There’s no length limit to each summary, so write them any way you like—short, long, a phrase, a sentence, whatever you want… You’re welcome to do as many or as few as you want, and whichever episodes you want… :slight_smile:

What’s easiest for you?
…do you want to hit reply under an episode’s topic and just paste it there (no context needed, just dump the summary)?
…or pm them to me as you do them?
…or some other way?

I have to put each summary into the database, then it appears automatically in varioius places.

For others wondering what we’re talking about…

There’s a “summary” value that I can set for each episode. I’ve been trying to write some basic three-themes summaries. The summary appears in a few places here in the Podcaster Community.

The summary also figures prominently in the emails sent by Discourse when a new episode topic is posted in #listen — unfortunately, Annie won’t have written the summary for each episode by the time I publish it (minutes after I finish recording it.)

Need a couple of days to think the process through. Here are my initial thoughts:
a) are old, as in already recorded–those will be done on a hodge podge time frame, after I figure this out.

b) moving forward–would you ask your guest to take 5 minutes post the interview and fill out a two question questionnaire that I can pull the blurb from? The questions would be something like: a) what sticks out as a surprise for you in your interview or if nothing surprised–you memorable moment, the one that sticks and the b) question would be something like what you hope the audience learns, gets, is changed by listening to your interview

Make sense? Thoughts?
I hear you reaching for organization and sanity here. Me, too. I would like to create manageable chunks.
ttys, AnnieP

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oooooh, this would be brilliant if I just made a google, or TypeForm, form … there’s going to be some loss (people who say yes on the call with me, but then don’t do it)… but if I tell them exactly what the two questions are, and give them the link in the followup [I already do a final followup communication immediately after publishing the thing]

I’m having a private convo (unrelated, to this our discussion) where someone asked me about info for newbie podcasters, here in PodComm. I pointed them to #workbench . . . which makes me think: Maybe we [you/i] create a nice workbench topic about how to write these things… explaining the whole process… (which makes it possible for someone else to help you / eventually take over, too)

Technically, I can also create a web page with a form that you (or whomever) fill in the summary, push Save and things update without me having to be in the loop — but I don’t think we need that tool at this point.

…no rush here, happy to let things simmer until we like what we have in mind.

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The little gray cells are moving, @craig

As I’m thinking more about the ‘exit survey’ idea, that would also give me a source (asking permission of course) of things guests have said about the experience. It’s very common for people to ask “what’s it about” or “what’s it like” when I invite them to be a guest. So having some “here’s what guests have said about their experience” on the invitation page [ How to be a guest on the companion podcast - Listen - Podcaster Community ] would be good too.