Looking back after 10 months


It’s been 10 months since I relaunched this Podcaster Community. Early this week, I was watching the companion podcast steadily approach 100 episodes. I was thinking I should do a special episode about the milestone—but knowing my host-on-mic skills are weak, I realized that to do such an episode well would require a lot of time and effort. Instead, here… have this written post. :slight_smile:

LOOK BACK — Look back at some of the things you’ve accomplished or experienced and think: Well if that isn’t nice, I don’t know what is. “One never notices what has been done; One can only see what remains to be done.” ~ Marie Curie


That’s one of my favorite, and most useful, prompts from my personal collection that I use for daily self-reflection. Here on April 1st—there are no jokes herein—as I look back I can see much has been accomplished…

This community

I created this platform. You created the community.

You reading this right now — you rock. Just by reading, you are literally contributing. I really mean it when I say…

This community is a place where podcast creators can share and amplify their enthusiasm for the art of podcasting. You can show up as little or as much as you want. I understand that life gets busy, and we each have commitments and responsibilities in our lives. This community will be here whenever your podcasting passion bubbles up.

…from Our culture

And the contents of that topic, sprang out of a great conversation, Telling this community’s story, that this community enabled me to have.


I don’t gratitude journal. Instead I occasionally write orgiastic posts to say…


I want to publicly acknowledge my gratitude for…

Three very special and Influential people: Jey, Linda, and Hernán
Thank you for going above and beyond.

The nearly 40 people who have chosen to voluntarily subscribe—these are the people who are able (I know that not everyone has disposable income) and willing to contribute. They’ve contributed the money which has made this community possible. (They also get extra perks.)
Thank you for keeping the lights on.

The 50 inspiring people who leapt first when I said, “here, I made this.”
Thank you for your early votes of confidence.

The 79 people here who have also been on the podcast and made us all go “hunh” with their thoughtful responses to my inane, rambling questions.
Thank you for being generous with your time.


The trajectory around here is best described as “orbital”. All the hard costs are being covered; we’ve reached a sustainable orbit. Huzzah!

The growth rate is minuscule — and that’s okay. I’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating: We don’t want crazy-growth as that would risk losing our culture and making this space too noisy. I do wish the cash flow would increase—have you told a friend about the Podcaster Community?—because I really would love to pay some people to help out around here.

That said, this community is awesome and sustainable just as it is now. I’d love to look back in another 10 months and say the exact same things.

What’s next

Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.

~ J.M. Barrie


First off, we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing. That seems to be working.

Second, there are lots of things we could also do; Help wanted…

  • I started a page on LinkedIn if anyone wants to become the poster of activities there.
  • It’s been pointed out that my 3-word summaries could be better. If anyone wants to write 100 summaries, and do so going forward…
  • I’d be down to do some circumspection in the Podcaster Community’s podcast show; but someone needs to be the host to pry that out of me in conversation.
  • Some have asked for a more beautiful, curated weekly Podcaster Community weekly email…
  • No one has asked for more episodes, but that’s definitely happening. I’m always open to suggestions for whom to invite on the show…
  • I invite anyone interested in any changes, additions, or wild dreams to press the New Topic button over in #public ( :arrow_backward: here in the Discourse platform, those are links to a category, not tags.)

Orgiastic gratitude

Way up there was a rare, titillating opportunity to use orgiastic in a sentence. Risqué, I know. And now I’m inviting you to join in…

Hit reply, @-mention another user(s), and acknowledge something you’re grateful for.


@craig I’m so grateful that you are doing this podcast. And has given me some piece of mind and distraction in the best possible sense this past week while stressing out about taking care of my mom.

I don’t know if I’d say my interview skills are awesome but if I got a chance to interview you -! - to pull something out of you that would be fun. So if you’re open to that maybe in a couple weeks we could do that. That’s if I understood your comment about circumspection.

I will make it an action step to mention your podcast again to other people cuz I think it’s awesome.



Craig, your PC podcast in only a select group of my weekly ‘must listen’ podcasts. I always learn something from you and/or your guests. Keep up the great work.



@craig - I’m totally grateful for this community and happy to be a part of it. It quells that “without a net” feeling by being the net! Thank you.


@Craig @AnnieP @ChristiCassidy @brucedevereux @Kato — My friend who joined us during Book Club today - WAS BLOWN AWAY by the experience of ALL of you — and wants to be part of this Podcasting Community. I explained the Subscribe Option of course but for starters - is an invitation as simple as sending her the forum.podcasting.community url? For this I am deeply grateful!


@maryjlrowe I have no problem with Annetta did I spell it correctly? Joining us. I was thinking about a couple of peeps from the carbon almanac joining us also.


This community is great. And it has such potential. I felt lost when FL closed and wanted to be able to connect with some inspiring and similarly minded folk. They are here. And it’s because of you. thank you.


…yes, most of everything here is open to the public.


Glad you found us :disguised_face:What is your podcast ?
Have you joined our book group? If you haven’t please consider it. We meet once a month for 30 minutes. If you have any ?’s fire away
AnnieP (she/her)

Let’s see, who am I grateful for:
myself @AnnieP for having the courage to hold my nose and jump
@Jey @steveh @maryjlrowe @seth @craig @Anna @thearena and a host of folks from The Carbon Almanac community who aren’t here, YET! haha (read The Practice and you’ll know what I am meaning) for their tenacity, humor, and willingness not to do it the old way,
Thank you all, AP


@craig I’d be willing to word smith short descriptions that your guests wrote about their turn sharing the stage with you.