Community's two-year anniversary!


Time flies! June 4th was the two-year anniversary of the day I first turned the lights on here. Thanks for being here!

Previously I’ve written some retrospective topics at Our community's one-year anniversary! and Looking back after 10 months

There’s now also a mailing list

Lots of people asked for a dedicated mailing list. “Please send me an email about things!” Mailing List for Podcaster Community Updates has a simple signup form, and I send out an email on Sundays.

It’s separate from this Discourse platform. You don’t have to log in here, or do anything at all with this forum—it’s just plain old email, to a list.

If you know of any other podcasting friends who’ve you not seen around in any of the social gatherings etc. please tell them about that mailing list.


At this point we have a delightful, maintainable thing going here. There’s a small, inner circle group of @supporters who keep the lights on. Their generous support enables me to pay for all the related services so that I can also get support from those services—this would all be quite impossible if I had to do everything myself.


We’re serving almost 10,000 page views per month—and not robots nor crawlers! That’s a lot of people who are finding value in what we’re creating here. I know, right?! It feels like things are very quiet around here… and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. Interesting things. No false urgency. No fear-of-missing-out.

If you’re newer around here (hey, welcome!) be sure you’ve clicked on everything up in the ≡ menu at the top-right. In particular, be sure you’ve seen Who's it for?

Shower 'em with kindness

These retrospective topics hang around forever and are really interesting to newer people who want to get a feel for who we are, and how we do things.

Please hit reply and mention @someone else with a specific “thank you for…” Somewhere out there, Dear Reader, is someone who’s day would be lifted by you saying “Hey, thank you for…”

My personal thanks

I want to say thank you to @steveh who has been busting his butt continuing to teach countless people how to podcast. He occasionally drops in here to share something really helpful. (Click that @ s t e grey-thing, then click the blue “Portfolio” button in the user card that appears.)

There’s also a very special group of 3 people who have been given the Influencer badge on Podcaster Community Each of those awards is linked to a topic explaining why. Go read those too. :slight_smile:




Thank you, Craig! And Happy Anniversary/Birthday to the Community!

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