Our community's one-year anniversary!


Time flies! Tomorrow, June 4th, is the one year anniversary of the day I first turned the lights on here.

A couple months ago, in Looking back after 10 months, I laid out where-we-are-now. Today, I want to look ahead…

The community’s podcast

As a sort of birthday present to myself, I renewed the podcast’s (see #listen) SimpleCast account for an entire year. It saves a little cost, but more importantly it feels like a nice commitment. There are 110 episodes so far, and there’s no reason there can’t be many many more in the coming year.

Help wanted

I'm looking for a "greeter" — more specifically, I’d like to have a merry band of people who greet new members here. @Lovelace and I had a great preliminary conversation on this. Follow that “greeter” link and chime in if you’re interested.

Also, that topic is in the category for discussing #ideas for moving this community forward. There are several things in there that would benefit from your contribution.

Value creation

I was reading CMX How to Measure and Report on Community Value - this morning. Frankly, we’re hitting it out of the park in every dimension. This part in particular caught my eye…

Reframing Value: Did an experience or new tool result in a shift in a member’s work or their organization’s approach? Are there new expectations for outcomes or performance as a result of community influence? Was there a strategy change or the introduction of new metrics as a result of participation?

I’d particularly like to know…

Are there new expectations for outcomes or performance as a result of this community’s influence?



@craig i’m happy to help. Let me know what I can do to contribute?

I’ll be on vacation until the end of June so after that…

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YES! Whether we stop making our Podcast, keep going, or stumble forth with fits and starts; there are reasons. Reasons can be discovered, decisions can be made and a new cycle of action can be set into motion.

Within a community that offers education, understanding and encouragement yet withholds judgement, we have a safe place to work all this out.

The opportunities to serve are the ultimate bonus! Service can lift us out of a tangled personal knot, expand our perspective, provide invaluable experience and support our desire to further a dream - better equipped.

The surprise is that service, which takes even MORE time, can actually unlock reserves of time, we didn’t think we had.

That said, we attempt wisdom in choosing a point in time - to insert that key.

Many thanks for turning on the lights here @craig


Check out I'm looking for a "greeter"

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Sorry I can’t be more engaged with the community at present. But I care about you and am very happy to toast you with a cup of Pu’ehr tea this morning. :blush:

With friendliness! :sunflower:


Congratulations! Thanks to all the members that provide such great feedback.

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year 1

@craig I didn’t realize the Podcaster Community is only a year old. It feels far more established. I am looking forward to reading the CMX article.

Thank you for starting this growing sharing community!

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