Workbench: Migrating to Captivate from Sound Cloud

I got 60 episodes posted over but they aren’t showing up on my Captivate pages. I have been busy with other things the last few days and hope to figure that out tomorrow.

see it at: or

Hopefully I can get one of those working tomorrow. If not, the I will figure out the workbench.


:thinking: I created this workbench for Jamie so she wouldn’t have to figure it out. This topic is split off from her original topic, Just Jamie here ~Craig


I think I am gonna cry…now this:

it isn’t an overdue payment:


Have you contacted support @JustJamie ?

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Jamie, I’ve messaged you directly with instructions on how to schedule a workbench session. We can get together on a Zoom call to work on this. When you schedule it, that enables others who may want to help to also attend.

:thinking: Reminder for everyone: How to use the workbench Note that links into the area only Supporting Members can access, since the Workbench is for Supporting Members.

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I have. I worked with someone via chat to get my 60 episodes online. I was having trouble importing because when I 1st set it up back in July I had uploaded an episode to try it out. That would have been tedious with 60+ episodes so I tried to figure out importing. I did a lot of procrastinating when I had trouble…


I had joined the Bootstrappers Workshop and that was a huge distraction. (I ended up NOT even doing all the Bootstrappers.)

I spent a couple of months of doing nothing but going to work and Lamenting my many unfinished projects…book 3, online course for book 2, audio version of book 2 and the “Just Jamie” podcast.

BUT Lesson learned…FOCUS on one thing at a time!!

I joined here and decided to try again to get the podcast launched.

I decided to delete the practice run on Capitavate when I picked this back up in Nov. I was still having trouble with the import and I didn’t want to have 2 shows with the same name on the platform, so I deleted the practice one and started over. I was at that point easily able to upload all the episodes…there were 60. And it looked like all I would need to do was the 301 thing…but when I returned to it on the weekend…my show was suspended.

They have a 2nd tier engineer looking into it and I am supposed to wait a day or 2 (as of Nov 15).

So maybe I will try it all again on Thursday.

It is challenging staying motivated and trying to complete it with all of the distractions and resistance from the daily grind.


uh, what I’m seeing/hearing is you’re getting a CRAP-ton done! Huge progress over multiple hurdles!

If you can keep us posted here in this topic, I’ll (and others I’m sure) be happy to try to help with any subsequent bumps in the road. :slight_smile:


Supporting Members are invited to the Zoom session Jamie has scheduled. See, Zoom workbench session for Jamie Shepherd in #supporters for the call details.


I feel like I am going backwards most days…encouragement from peers is NOT overrated!

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Video from the workbench session on the 19th.

  • went over where Jamie is with Captivate setup
  • plan to get the rest of her most-recent uploads to Sound Cloud migrated (by asking support to “do that again”)
  • enabled Captivate’s web site / web pages for her show;

Once Captivate has all of her episodes, she can tackle adding her show to directories (Apple, Google, etc). We’re not sure if Captivate has tools that can help with that…

They do - pretty painless

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My Episodes from SoundCloud are all in Captivate. I now know how to do that if I needed to do it again. I also learned how to “break” Captivate so it doesn’t do that. AND most importantly I learned that Captivate has great tech support and no matter how “dumb” or frustrating you are, they will help you as long as you keep communicating with them.

I am in the process of editing things in the back end on Captivate foe each of those Episodes.

@craig would you like to do another workbench video about what that part looks like?

Next step:
Use the 1 click feature in Captivate to publish my podcast on multiple platforms…but I would like some input on how to do that in an effective way so I Launch the podcast intentionally vs just turn it on an listen to crickets.


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@JustJamie Thanks so much for this. I’m still exploring apps/tech and will definitely bookmark your generous note.

Making it so it is available does not mean people will find or listen - which is your crickets analogy.

The good part is you can get it all set up and then do a ‘launch’ on social media and to all your contacts and a live Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or YouTube etc. And have a launch party you can invite people to, or you can just slip into existence and get settled in as you start with the social media etc,

You have a load of episodes already there so you could do a week of posts about episodes, highlighting them to get some initial interest going.

Other than Apple which can take a few days and even more at this time of year, most of the submitting is very quick, so it is almost like turning it on. Apple could be 5 days.

What do you feel you would rather do? @JustJamie What is your ideal scenario?

Whichever route you go is going to take time to build regular loyal listeners.

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It’s up to you. If you need another workbench session to get more help, yes, schedule one.

@Jayne as I get more familiar with Captivate I am learning why it was recommended. I wish I could remember who pointed me that direction so I can give them credit.

@craig I think it would be great to have some groups for different platforms…example “Captivate Platform” so PodComm people using a certain platform can support each other. I would be happy to head up a group called “Captivate Platform”.

I want to get everything into Captivate and make some edits and then plan a Launch for the podcast…kind of like people do with Book Launches…I think Launching Intentionally would be the way to actually put a podcast out there that has an audience…after all…it isn’t really a podcast until someone subscribes to your RSS feed. @steveh

is a Workbench only for receiving help?
maybe what I am talking about is a different thing

This entire topic is “on the workbench”, or a “use of the workbench.” Questions, answers, discussion, images, posted videos, links, etc. (And in the end, it winds up forever visible here on Pod Comm publicly so it can help everyone across the 'Net.)

Sometimes, it’s useful in one of these long workbench topics, to hop on an interactive call. I’ll always show up, and often a few other Supporting Members show up too, to help. The recording from such a zoom session is then added to this workbench topic.

Does that explain it better?