Squadcast+Descript tie up

This just landed in my inbox. Sounds intriguing. And I was just about to sign up with Zencastr too! :sweat_smile:

I can’t make this but I may well check it out on catchup.


Thanks, @BrianCumming!

I had an email from Descript that said they’re connecting with my podcast host Captivate.fm

It feels like the evolution of these partnerships has been happening so quickly!


Ah, interesting that it might be Descript pushing the integration. I had assumed it was Squadcast’s idea due to Riverside and Zencastr sneaking ahead.

There’s probably a saying about making assumptions. :wink:

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I watched part of a live webinar with Descript, Captivate.fm, Squadcast and Riverside. After listening, I’m leaning toward Riverside although I’m still using Zoom. I also edit the audio with Hindenburg.

Thanks to @steveh for mentioning Waves Clarity Vx plug-in. It’s a game-changer - $29 (on sale) that removes background noise! Even a vacuum cleaner. @JuleKucera, I don’t know if this might help with your jawbone :mending_heart:


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Lovelace, thanks for the recommendation. I’m not sure the Waves Clarity plugin will work for noises that aren’t background but host-generated :rofl:
My new mic set up just arrived about an hour ago and I’m testing it tonight. If I still hear the clunk, then I’ll check out Waves.
Happy podding!

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