Advice Requested!

Hi All,
Been a while since I’ve been here. Happy Anniversary @craigconstantine and Podcaster Community!

Here’s the deal - I’ve been off doing other things and I’ve not made a podcast in over a year… I’m paying the $19/mth on Captivate but seems like a waste of money since I’m not using it.

I can either spend a bunch of time and download all my stuff and cancel my account or…
is there someplace that’s a whole lot cheaper/free I can transfer my podcast to?

Seems like hosting costs has gone up since I looked last.

Thanks for your input!



Great question… I don’t know of any good “parking” service for podcasts.

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Libsyn continues to be stable, easy to use and incredible value (from $5/month - I usually vascilate between the $7 and $15/month level depending on how many stats I want)

Since those prices are based on hours-per-month of uploads, I’m not sure how it would work if you’re importing a whole bunch, but I’m sure they had a solution for that, since they have been doing this a very, very long time.

Recent updates include a more user-friendly interface and a subscription/tip jar service.


Thanks :blush::+1: Craig

Hi Julie!

Thanks I’ll check it out.

I’m still getting a few downloads here and there.

Hi Heather, Spotify is a good free option. And you can migrate away from them later when you get your podcasting mojo back on!


Thanks Jey! I didn’t know they host. I’m check it out!

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Hi @heather - check out transferring to Acast to their free plan. It could suit you nicely


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