Some thoughts about the companion podcast

So, it seems people like the show #listen :laughing:

One concern I had was that I would run out of people to talk to. As you expect, I have a spreadsheet where I’m keeping track of the outreach efforts. I want to be thorough, without being a pest. That spreadsheet has 30 guests who I’ve now talked with!

…and it has 35 more guests in various stages of outreach, (or lined up next for me to reach out to.) Only two people have said no-thank-you … so at this point, I feel like I’m going to have an infinite supply of amazing people with whom to have cool conversations. What a pleasant “problem.”


Another thing that surprised me, is that several guests have now asked if they can have the audio from the episode to use for their own shows. What?! Well of course you can! I updated the “how to be a guest page” to mention this.

If you’ve been on the show — hmmm, maybe I should make a badge for that :thinking: — you’re welcome to the raw audio of your episode. Just reach out and tell me how I can get 250Mb of files to you—they don’t fit in email :slight_smile:

I’m feeling humbled, and I hope you find something that amplifies your enthusiasm for the art of podcasting!



That’s awesome, @craig whoo hooo!

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Wonderful & Atta Guy!
Happy to help fill in the spreadsheet @craig
I always share my podcasts with my guests, post them on my website & add those where I’ve been a guest.
Each One Lift One - that’s how we roll
Dropbox may be the answer - free - it’s what I use to get the work to/from sounds guy & my Part 1/2 is longer than these smaller listens