Workbench: Some structure for people using Captivate

Continuing the discussion from Workbench: Migrating to Captivate from Sound Cloud:

Are you imagining a group (like the others in Groups) which the group’s members can then @mention, to send notifications to the other group members? (And group members can privately message the entire group if they want a little more privacy.)

…or are you imagining a tag (like the other Tags which you can put on yout topic [just below where you type in a title for your topic]. Tags appear in the menu next to categories on the main page navigation… and, most people don’t know this, but you can also go to a tag’s page, and set the notification level to [for example] watching-first-post. That would also get you a notificaiton too.

It’s probably best to make a tag for it, like we have a tag for #podcasting-technology . . .


the # is new to me…I haven’t ever used that but maybe that would be helpful.

I think sometimes tagging with @CaptivateUsers for example might be good too.

I is mostly about connecting with like minded people on relevant topics.

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A key difference is that @mentioning others sends notifications, but doesn’t aid in future finding of the topics.

Where as tagging things builds up the organization of this Forum. Tags appear on Topics just below the title (and are clickable), it’s easy to link (eg #podc …suggests autocompletion to a link to the tag) and they appear in the navigation controls on the home screen.