Hey @craig !

I’d love to invite my POD7 mastermind group to join us here. They aren’t active on FL. How do I do that?

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Well, geez, that’s SUPER-kind of you. Thank you so much!

There’s an invites system in your avatar menu…

It will let you see who you invited, who’s come over.

…I’m actually curious to see if/how it actually works—I’ve never used that part of Discourse. :laughing:


….actually, can you guys see the “invitations” thing?

That might be a level_2 users feature.

update: I’ve read more about the Discourse “invitation” feature, and I don’t think it’s what you want / we want, to be using. It’s used when a site is completely private, and the only way to join is by invitation. That’s why it only appears for users who reach trust-level-2. (TL2 isn’t trivial to reach, it takes significant active participation to earn your way to that level.)

SO, to answer @bostonblake’s original question, how to invite people — Give them the URL to the forum, Anyone can create an account (for free) and they can then decide if they want to become a supporting member.

Sorry for any confusion I’ve caused :confused:


cannot see the invite thing, but I imagine you may now know that already…

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…yes, it’s a feature of what Discourse refers to as “level 2” users. The ability to invite other users—it generates a special link that you give to some directly—isn’t important right now. As it is, anyone can simply create an account. When you try to do something that requires logging in, it simply offers to create your account.

Down the road, however, if things start growing… I expect I’ll have to disable that easy-peasy just-click to make your account. At that point, I could then allow higher-level users to invite others. But zooming out, it’s a functionality that we don’t currently have to fiddle with. :slight_smile:

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