Forum ideas?

I posted this same item in Forward Link but wanted to float it out into the intelligentsia here as well - it would be a mistake not to pose the question below to this group.

Not counting Discourse, is there another tool you would recommend to facilitate a fairly narrow range of online conversation? (For example, a book study, or something with a similar focus.)

Some Discourse-like features would be needed, but only the most basic ones, such as:

  • conversations are ongoing
  • participants can be grouped (by their own choice, preferably, but in this case, that’s not an absolute necessity)
  • synchronous sessions (such as a webinar) can be conducted
  • a designated “moderator” can be in place
  • the ability to embed links and upload documents
  • quick and easy set-up
  • user-friendly layout and navigation structure

There is no need for a lot of bells and whistles.

I did look at Kialo and it looks like it might check all of the boxes, but input from the FL group is always beneficial.

Thanks, in advance, for any ideas you care to share!


Circle is one I’ve heard people mention but have minimal experience with it myself so can’t comment beyond it having a nice, mobile friendly UI.


Thanks, @Steve, I’ll check it out!


@David3560 anything ever become of this line of thinking you had?