Community managers' mastermind groups

If anyone here is also interested in building online communities, a few people are assembling mastermind groups.

In addition to being in one of the masterminds, I’m working with one of the Discourse team members to see if we can put together some “how to do this” support stuff. Aiming to make it even easier for people to self-assemble into more mastermind groups.

a few community building people here I know of: @NicoleColter @David3560 @danielburns replies with more tagging appreciated.

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Thanks for the tagging me in here. I do plan on coming back to this kind of project, but I don’t know when so I definitely can’t add a weekly meeting now. Thanks for your leadership in getting this started and I hope it continues to be available.

Which reminds me to do a status update…

We’ve group of four people that will start meeting on Jan 10. We’re planning to meet 10 times. At which point we can do more, or possibly go back into the larger pool (if we have more people involved, in other groupings) and reshuffle.

One of the people is a team member at Discourse itself. They spun up a Discourse instance for this stuff… a closed community where we can “do our homework”. So I’m curious to see if/how-much we use that.

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ALL: Group1 is underway, and there’s now a first person for Group2… if you’re interested, please hit the Google Doc link and add your name. If the group gets to four, we’ll invite you to the dedicated Discourse platform we have for facilitating each mastermind’s work. I’d appreciate any tagging of people you know who might be interested in joining a Mastermind group.

Now that my mastermind has completed it’s pre-arranged set of meetings, I did a small write up over on Meta…