"How I Podcast" article by David Nebinski

@davidnebinski in his newsletter (go, sign up) shares some great tips about who to invite on his show…

But how do I decide who to invite? I often look for a “conversation catalyst” among people I want to learn from. Something that has happened recently on their end. Or something they want more people to know about. An author with a new book is an example of this!

Great tips and he includes detailed examples of his communications.

One thing I do (which I didn’t see David mention): Ask your guests! After the show is published and [presuming!] everything went swimmingly… I ask them: Who would you like to hear a conversation with on the show?

Everyone automatically tries to imagine who would be “good” for the show… or who would I want on the show… but the question is very specifically worded to them to tell me who they want to hear.

How do you look for guests?



Thank you so much @craigconstantine :pray:

I like your idea about asking a podcast guest… who they would want to listen!


Thanks, @craigconstantine, for sharing @davidnebinski’s article. More good stuff, tips, reminders, and practices to consider or embed in our processes.

Because of @davidnebinski’s post (thanks, @craigconstantine) I had an idea during the most recent interview I conducted. I won’t want to do this every time, but when the conversation leans in this direction, and when the timing of post-production and release date permits, I am toying with occasionally reaching out to someone who matters (to the guest) and asking them if they are interested in sharing a message with the guest. If yes, parameters are quickly discussed, and I am simply looking for a 30-second(ish) mp3 file which I can drop into my audio software and add a “surprise” message for the guest and, of course, something that still aligns with the overall episode. (That is, the “cameo clip” shouldn’t make the listener say, “What was that all about?”)

I just interviewed a gentleman who has beaten cancer twice and this third round is almost certainly his last. He was very candid with me about this. Our paths crossed years ago and I also know two of the three members of his immediate family, all of whom have naturally been through this 20 year journey with him. I am contacting the guest’s wife today to see if she, and their son and daughter, will send me the kind of message I outlined above. I think it will add a huge personal touch to the episode and will absolutely matter to the guest.

Again, this is not going to be a standard element in each episode (at least I don’t think so right now), but considering it will be. As I think back on the episodes I’ve released thus far (and the number is very low considering it’s been four years), I think there are maybe ten guests where a “cameo clip” would had added to the value of the episode.
Note: the cameo message might be a statement made to the guest, or about the guest and his or her impact, or a lesson learned from the guest, and probably a few other angles I haven’t yet thought of.

This group, whoever reads this post (and I’ve also posted it as part of a string in a recent new topic here in PC), is a great group to share this idea with and see what kind of reaction or potential caveats or twists emerge. Thanks for your time!

Wow. That is so generous of you… and I don’t mean that lightly. There’s deep understanding and compassion showing in the relationships you’re cultivating. :smiley:

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@craigconstantine - I received a reply today from the guest’s wife and she was totally on board, and appreciative of being included in this way. So, we’ll see how it goes. It might be the seed of an idea that takes hold, or it could be a nice “one off.” Either way, thanks so much for your comments.

Have a great day!

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