IDEA CLUB Meets Today 3/7/2023

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Meeting ID: 853 7074 5648
Passcode: 018987

Today’s TOPIC 3/7/2023 - by Mary Rowe for The Idea Club #2
A review and how this Podcast & Episode are helping me with my podcast.
Below is an assembly of some useful graphics and below that - 5 links.

Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, & Link 5

The Center for Humane Technology
Movie/Documentary - The Social Dilemma
Transcript of Episode 63 - Synthetic Humanity: AI & What’s at Stake
Meet Asa Raskin: The Impact of Technology on the Human Condition
Meet Tristan Harris: 60 Minutes Summary


@maryjlrowe & @craigconstantine

How I wish I could have joined y’all today! On the road in GA for disaster relief after the mid-January tornadoes.

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Ahhhh @Lovelace - You are doing such GOOD work! Your name came up Lovelace as we missed you. Also, a presenter has arisen for April and possibly May. Would you like to lead us into a new Topic come June? You have time to think about it! :wink: :star_struck: