The Idea Club - coming soon for YOU and YOUR Podcast

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The IDEA CLUB is coming and YOU’re invited

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 - 30 minute ZOOM

Unlike its predecessor The Book Club, every meeting focuses on a NEW topic.
Think Social Object!

Like its predecessor, we will take turns being the “leader” which means we pick the Social Object and open with a brief explanation. Then, we launch into shared discussion! “Social Objects” can be anything: a specific podcast episode, a particular podcaster’s work, a challenge the leader wants help with, a social cause, a book, a bit of new technology.

Social Object Teaser from Craig Constantine for The Idea Club #1

Domo arigato mister roboto! Let’s play with a Large Language Model (LLM).

The most talked-about LLM these days is ChatGPT, built by the company OpenAI. The company started in 2015. Microsoft kicked in $1 Billion in 2019, and apparently another $10 Billion in January.

We’ll say hello to ChatGPT and poke it a bit around the topic of podcasting. You’ll see how you can get access to it, and you’ll understand how you can play with it on your own.

Then we’ll try asking ChatGPT to do something that applies to podcasting: Take a transcript and generate prose. At this point we’ll probably also get to see an AI hallucinate.


…shall we rename the group from bookclub to ideaclub ?


@craigconstantine YES - I didn’t see how to do it - must be a Craig thing? I’ll update it in the post once you’ve changed it! :wink:

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I’ve renamed the group… what should the description be? It’s currently…

Seth Godin forged “The Practice” by living it. Along the way, he found the others, designed courses, sent 1000s off to make a ruckus, created a worldwide movement around “better is possible” and THEN wrote the book. It’s dense. It’s ALL substance. It deserves more attention than we might be able to give it on our own. So, we’re reading, discussing, and learning to live it ourselves but together. You’re invited.

I’m not sure, but as a group owner, this page might let you edit . . . ?


@craigconstantine - YES - it let me edit. :writing_hand:

Any member of the Podcaster Community may join the Idea Club. We meet once monthly, on the 1st Tuesday, via ZOOM for 30 minutes at 3 pm Eastern Time. The “Leader” (we rotate) selects a Social Object (topic) and starts the meeting with a brief introduction or explanation. Then we discuss like WILD. Anything related to Podcasting (directly or indirectly) works! A specific episode or Podcaster’s work, a challenge the leader is seeking help with, a social cause, a book, a bit of new technology, a reveal by sharing one’s best practices and moments of Podcasting success. This is education, inspiration, and service: guaranteed to advance your identity and enjoyment as a Podcaster and add value to your work.


@maryjlrowe thank you for tagging me. This is such a great topic … and so much fun to poke at and sample etc etc.
My friend has fallen for ChatGPT’s counsin - WriteSonic (so many to choose from…)

Looking forward to an interesting conversation !


@CatherineJ Agree - terrific topic! See you soon then Catherine :wink:


I’m adding this to the Podcaster Community calendar so it appears automatically in our calendars…


@craigconstantine Ooops, thanks Craig but I think I coulda shoulda done that and forgot about it, and HOW although you taught me once, and I did. Next time :crazy_face: :+1:

I’ve recently changed how the calendar works. Only I can put things into the community calendar—I eliminated the whole “invite this strange email to your event” things, no more reliance on Google.

It’s added, should appear in your fave calendar software now.

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@craigconstantine BIGGER thanks!

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Would love to do a hashtag, #IdeaClub - if that’s possible here. Took me a while to find this! Wondering what my homework was :slight_smile:

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@ChristiCassidy doing that hashtag sounds like a wonderful idea Christi but it’s more a Craig question (see Craig’s post below) and I don’t think you have any homework this go around. Eventually, you’ll volunteer to lead an Idea Club session on a topic of your choosing. :star_struck: So sorry today’s event not easy to find. I’m about to make another post. BTW - the Book Club Group and been changed to Idea Club! Seeya in a few hours!

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We can make/use tags. But I’m hesitant to add yet more complexity…

It’s easy to search for “ideaclub”, no?

…can also find all the places the @ideaclub is mentioned by clicking Activity on the group’s page. When you type “ideaclub” in the search, it suggests hitting enter to actually search, or it points out there’s a group with that name…

@craigconstantine - you know what I did wrong? I searched @ideaclub and it didn’t show up. My bad! But it’s still early in the life of the Idea Club, so whatever works, I’m sure I’ll remember next time!

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@ChristiCassidy excellent perspective Christi

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Hope I can make it, y’all. On the road in GA after tornadoes. Disaster relief hat on

With FEMA counterparts … ugly blue official jacket


@Lovelace Safe travels dear one, BRIGHT Blue - to match BRIGHT Lovelace! And of course, we all hope you can make it somehow - if possible! :pray:

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Thanx for an interesting zoom chat today! Here’s a NYTimes article on Microsoft integrating ChatGPT into Bing … (this was written by a human)

And Google’s Bard

I like the Bard article cuz it references tech’s “race to ship” that often has disasterous results (I’ve been a part of those…)

" Google had been reluctant to release this type of technology to the public because executives were concerned that the company’s reputation could take a hit if the A.I. created biased or toxic statements.

Google’s caution began to erode its advantage as a generative A.I. innovator when ChatGPT debuted to buzz and millions of users. In December, Mr. Pichai declared a “code red,” pulling various groups off their normal assignments to help the company expedite the release of its own A.I. products."

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