The Idea Club meets TODAY 7/18/2023

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It’s a “Lean Coffee” type meeting.
NO pre-planning. We start with a few minutes for set-up. Participants enter their IDEA into the Chat. Then we pull them out, one by one, and discuss. When it’s your turn, succinctly share your idea to initiate a group discussion. SEE YOU SOON :grin:
RELEVANT, FASCINATING, ENJOYABLE - just like the attending Podcasters

Today’s ZOOM replaces the 1st Tuesday meeting which fell on July 4.


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At 3 p.m. EDT, 2 p.m. CDT as usual? Thanks, Mary!

@ChristiCassidy - YES - YOU GOT IT! :grin:

Hi @maryjlrowe ! I have a conflict today and sorry to miss the gathering. Please LMK the August date - hopefully the 1st? Cheers to you and everyone! Catherine

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@CatherineJ - great to hear from you. Intrigued by the email you send recently. Will find out more about it during our August 1 Idea Club!!! :wink:

@ideaclub @supporters @AnnieP @Lovelace @ChristiCassidy @Anna @craigconstantine @clevpt @Annetta-iCU365 @CatherineJ

Again - an EXCELLENT Discussion. Am loving this Idea Club!

Per the @Hoagie (Mark Hochgesang) question regarding my camera - this is it on Amazon.

BUT what you like might NOT actually be the camera itself Mark. I believe it’s really the image adjusting done with this Webcam settings App

combined with a Lumecube attached to the desktop.


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@maryjlrowe Mary, thanks for hosting the session today and providing the camera & webcam setting info. Cheers.

Very sorry to have missed this - sounds like an excellent topic. I have a lume I rarely use… should revue these tips. I also have a very small portable light, for those ‘on the go needs’ :D) - more so that I don’t have too much weight to carry around if I’m working somewhere else. I’ll try and find a link to share.

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