IDEA CLUB Meets TODAY 2/6/24

“If you’re ready to make a difference with your ideas and your craft, what are you waiting for? Because we’re waiting for you.” From the inside jacket cover of The Practice

Join the Zoom meeting at 3 - 3:30 p.m. ET:


Bring an idea related to podcasting and we’ll talk about it!

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…hmmmm, which Zoom url? The one above, in this topic, takes me to an empty zoom meeting.

I’m camped on the zoom url from IDEA CLUB Meets Tuesday - 2/6/24

Use this link:
Join the meeting using this Zoom link:

Can’t get into meeting …

Sorry to miss out time today! I know it will be worethwhile - best to all of you! catherine

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So sorry about the mixup with the links, @Lovelace - but I’m so happy you were able to get in after all. It was great to see you. :sweat_smile: