The IDEA CLUB meets Tuesday 5/2/2023

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Warmest greetings Podcasters

  • We want to allow time to make and publish our Podcast - right?
  • We want to stay connected with Podcaster friends - right?
  • We want to explore the creativity, knowledge and ideas among us - right?
  • AND we want this even though we’ve already got too much - right?

So here’s an idea. Let’s keep THE IDEA CLUB - SIMPLE - so we can keep it going.
Let’s review & plan tomorrow, during the 5/2 2023 meeting.

ALL welcome as always!

Expect a lively idea-rich 30 minutes, both for our monthly meet-ups and our podcasts.
See you SOON. :grin:


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I’m hoping to be able to join you today. It’s a busy day, with zoom meetings and guests going!

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@Anna Oh that’s awesome Anna and oh how much I understand the constraints. If we don’t see you, your lovely intention will still be with us. :blush:

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