The Idea Club - 2nd ZOOM Meeting NEXT TUESDAY 3/7/2023

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The IDEA CLUB meets next week 3/7/2023

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 - 30 minute ZOOM

Every Meeting is DIFFERENT so What’s Up next week?

Presenter: (conversation starter) - Mary Rowe
Topic: A Podcast by the Center for Humane Technology - Your Undivided Attention
Why: The language, the words, the terminology around a growing awareness of technology’s powerful impact, it’s positives and a more responsible way to wield it.
Personally: My Podcast topic is both historically timeless AND currently specific. This podcast helps me learn how to speak in “current”

What happened on February 7, 2023?

Our topic was originally identified by @Lovelace and support was enthusiastic.
@craigconstantine did an amazing job laying forth An Overview of LLM, plus some emerging uses and a dollop of tantalizing real time examples.

Watch Last Months 37 Minute Recorded Video HERE

Start thinking, sniff around. You have time to plan and prepare :wink:


Love this @maryjlrowe - I’m traveling on Monday/Tuesday (going home to my mum’s birthday :partying_face:) and may miss this months get together. If it is recorded I’d like to follow… Looking forward to more! :wave:

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Dear @Anna - Oh just have a heavenly time at mum’s birthday and YES, will record so you don’t miss a moment! :wink: :grinning: :kissing_heart:

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