Health Raisers Podcast

:confetti_ball: Welcome to Health Raisers. Together, we thrive in our bodies, minds, spirits, intellect, emotions, and community. Bring your whole self to your whole life. It’s a health revolution!

:fire: Ready to light that fire by doing the things that make you come alive? Health Raisers is a podcast for Wise Women. Dr. Nadine left a soul-crushing medical career and chose to become a joyful health integration coach, helping hundreds of women find their healthy!

:thinking: You’re more than your dress size! Stop putting up with toxic relationships, swallowing your true emotions, and sacrificing your mental health. Stop using your body as a battlefield! You’re always giving. You deserve to put yourself first, not just for your sake, but for those you love.

:mega: Wise Women, let’s make ourselves a priority right now! It’s time to raise some health together!

:headphones: Listen to the trailer here.