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My name is Carole Blueweiss and I graduated from TPF5&6. I started a podcast WIsdom Shared, where I interview parents (giving them the outlet to share what they have learned) of children with challenges, . These episodes come out monthly. I am still experimenting and the podcasts are far from perfect. I plan to have guest speakers. and would like to have some host on mic episodes as well. I am still climbing the steep hill of learning and growing and hope to learn more so I can have more confidence on the techincal side of recording, and post production sound quality. I love collaborating wth ohters and learning about other people’s processes. I also love hearing the podcasts made by people in this ocmmunity.


hello Carol…as a former homeschool parent of a dyslexic kid and a current parent of a teen with addiction issues…I love your concept!


Thank you Jamie. Perhaps one day we can chat on the phone or on zoom. Thanks for your support.

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Strength to you @JustJamie .
One of my most popular podcasts this year was a chat I had with a colleague who is in recovery from his addiction. I was surprised how many people reached out to me afterward to share their experiences. I can post a link if you’re interested in having a listen?

that would be great
text 1st

@Suzi I would love to give it a listen.

I have learned that there are two kinds of humans in the world …those with addictions and those who try to fix them. Guess which vice is harder to recover from?

I am the latter. I have been working on exchanging my robes of righteousness for a humility cape.

I love the 12 Steps and now try to Serenity Prayer the shit out of everything.

Love this!

Supporting people with addiction. I have a colleague who developed a substance use disorder in the setting of undiagnosed bipolar affective disorder. Even they wore the robes of righteousness (in a nice way) when trying to fix another colleague. I (and perhaps you too?) have learnt the hard way that when someone is in denial there is no way I can shift them.

Here’s the link to the episode. I have another few that are related in the pipeline. There’s a link in the shownotes to another person’s story too.

Please feel free to let me know what you think

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you have a very nice voice @Suzi
very professional sounding show
thanks for sharing guests story

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