Hello! I'm Danny Health Hats

Friends and fellow podcasters. I’m a weekly podcaster, Health Hats, Learning on the Journey Toward Best Health. (www.health-hats.com/pod) from TPF2, I participate in a weekly TPF2 mastermind, host an every other week podcast review call (Reckoning). I’m checking the community out to see if it’s worth my time. Forward Link has been good for me. I use it seldom now, just when I’m in trouble and haven’t gotten help elsewhere.


Hi Danny! I remember you from POD2. Nice to see you here!


Has the weekly mastermind been helpful, @DannyvLHealthHats?

Hi @jennifermyerschua. Good to see you here as well.

I find the weekly MasterMind group have become my friends. (My wife asks me how virtual people can be friends). We’ve been through many ups and downs together over three years. Instant help desk, personal challenges, business challenges, celebrations, disappointments.

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hi @DannyvLHealthHats… so what are healthy hats?

Health Hats, not Healthy Hats.
I’m a person with Multiple Sclerosis, have been care partner to several family members’ end-of-life journeys, an RN, led several electronic health record implementations, been in the C-Suite - wear a lot of hats.
Podcast https://health-hats.com/pod

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oops…I guess that does make a big difference

@DannyvLHealthHats you are wearing a lot of health hats!