Health Hats, the Podcast. Introduction

Latest 8 min episode: No Dip Without a Rise #146. Every other episode is on-mic, alternating with interviews. Music is a big part of my life and my podcast.

2 min Video trailer

Description: I’m not the sharpest knife in the musician drawer. Disheartening. I wish I were better. If wishes made me play better… All I can do? Keep at it. In the last two years. I’ve gone from “I can’t do this, I’m quitting” to “I need to be better.” One foot in front of the other. If this were health, I’d advise that you never get better in a straight line- always many dips and rises. No dip, no rise. I do like the rise. Gotta live with the dips.


Loved it!
Gotta like the rise. Live with the dips.

Thank you,

~ Emeric

Thanks, @Emeric. I will check out your podcast

@emeric I listened to episode 69. Well done. Your conversational style is warm and engaging. I write everything out. Thought you might like this Health Hats episode with Jill Johnson-Young Dementia Friendly City. I’ll find your’s and listen to it. Here’s another to check out. My grandson, 10, has a podcast. They’re 4-6 min each. Oct 17 and 31 are particularly good.

Cool! Jill on your show. She’s a blast.
Thanks for listening.

I’ll listen to Jill’s episode and your grandson’s show too.

Jill’s episodes are titled The Rebellious Widow.


~ Emeric