Hi! I'm Renita with 2 podcasts in the making

I was in POD7. I had so many obstacles I never completed much past week 7, but I may have jumped to week 12. I can’t remember. I added what I could to an Evernote file, but when I went back recently, I saw that all the instruction videos are no longer available.
So I am back to square 1, relearning Audacity.
I have 6 interviews recorded with interesting Women whom I have met through my life path in “intentional community” *(see https://www.ic.org).
Janet is a master gardener. Sandy is a retired teacher turned professional artist. Kinga is a walker in her late 70s. Katherine teaches parenting classes on an international level. Susan is a long-standing professional artist in Canada. April after leaving the intentional community into which she was born found her own way to survive in the “real world.”
These are “Women of Wisdom Women of Light” for an interview podcast.

I began editing these in Descript and cannot find any of the files. They are helping me.

I have not yet launched my podcast. @BostonBlake has been very helpful in giving me feedback and even designing my Podcast cover for Goddesses in Everymovie! – a host on mic podcast - riffing from my blog (renitawellman.com). He even interviewed me! So kind and a great interviewer.

I appreciate my POD7 Mastermind group, led by @BostonBlake and encouraged by Corey and Joe.

Thank you so much @Craig for providing this platform for me to keep going! It is very worth it to me to pay to support this Podcaster Community.



Welcome Renita, so nice to see you here! :slight_smile:


Hi, Renita. Welcome. Impressive persistence


Welcome @Goddesses ~

I graduated when the WORKshop was still TPF. I came in through TPF4 & TPF Pro Beta under the guidance of Marie & David, along with @craig Craig & the inimitable @steveh

My podcast is Stories From Women Who Walk: daily 60 Seconds & monthly in-depth guest InnerViews.

Looking forward to diving into your two!

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Thanks @DannyvLHealthHats

Hi @diane
I didn’t see your message due to error in spelling my name! Thanks so much for your interest!

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hi @Goddesses
I love the work you shared! We seem to be playing in the same spaces. I wrote a book about learning from wise women…the concept of a Wisdom Board, is something I wrote about. I took my coffee group (we have met almost every week for 8 years) as a springboard for character development. While the book is fiction the concepts are based on real things and real people. Your “Women of Wisdom and Light” reminds me of that and I a confirmation to me that I am on the right track, I hope my share can be that for you.

I don’t have a PhD…I am just an “ordinary” woman…but I don’t think any human is actually “just” or “ordinary”. I believe being human means we are little incubating gods and goddesses. And there we have something else in common…

I look forward to connecting and finding new “intentional” in this group.