THE ARENA - Living a Courageous Life


I blew up my life: career, relationship, home, booze, fitness and lifestyle. I couldn’t be happier. A daily dose of ordinary courage can lead to extraordinary change. Join me, and my diverse and inspiring guests for stories of conscious, everyday courage.

Episodes are being release bi-weekly (fortnightly) on Sunday. Feel free to listen occasionally or subscribe were you listen to podcasts, including YouTube.

I include a Land Acknowledgement at the beginning of most episodes as of 2021.

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S3, Ep 36: Steve Emery - A Deep Tour
100 Days of Courage later, what did he learn about his art, himself and courage?

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S3, Ep 37: Laura Tucker - Go Gently
Laura Tucker is leaning into the hard work of looking at the self-help industry from the inside. Offering a ‘guru-free’ option where self-described gurus abound. This was a challenging and hopeful conversation.

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S3, Ep 38: Ken Taylor - Courage is a Way of Living
How has ‘living in balance’ helped Ken deal with chronic PTSD, fear, depression and trauma. An extraordinary story of resilience and courage.

S3, Ep 39: Dr. Nadine Kelly - That Vital Ingredient I am lucky to be able to speak to women who lift me up and inspire me. Nadine is definitely that woman. @The_YOGI_MD_Podcast

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