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I blew up my life: career, relationship, home, booze, fitness and lifestyle. I couldn’t be happier. A daily dose of ordinary courage can lead to extraordinary change. Join me, and my diverse and inspiring guests for stories of conscious, everyday courage.

Episodes are being release bi-weekly (fortnightly) on Sunday. Feel free to listen occasionally or subscribe were you listen to podcasts, including YouTube.

I include a Land Acknowledgement at the beginning of most episodes as of 2021.

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S3, Ep 36: Steve Emery - A Deep Tour
100 Days of Courage later, what did he learn about his art, himself and courage?

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S3, Ep 37: Laura Tucker - Go Gently
Laura Tucker is leaning into the hard work of looking at the self-help industry from the inside. Offering a ‘guru-free’ option where self-described gurus abound. This was a challenging and hopeful conversation.

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S3, Ep 38: Ken Taylor - Courage is a Way of Living
How has ‘living in balance’ helped Ken deal with chronic PTSD, fear, depression and trauma. An extraordinary story of resilience and courage.

S3, Ep 39: Dr. Nadine Kelly - That Vital Ingredient I am lucky to be able to speak to women who lift me up and inspire me. Nadine is definitely that woman. @The_YOGI_MD_Podcast

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S4, Ep 40: John Ruffolo - Say What You Mean Business titan, philanthropist, cyclist. His catastrophic injury led to a dynamic conversation about resilience, privilege, passion and fighting your way back.

S4, Ep 41: Dr. Cynthia Miller - Conscious (R)Evolution An extra-ordinary woman of courage. Her life as a writer, healer, whitewater river guide and daughter of one of the creators of the hydrogen bombs dropped on Japan lead her to a profound awakening.

Sounds intriguing, I look forward to giving your podcast a listen!

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S4, Ep 43: Ernie Louttit - Leadership Bumps Ernie became affectionately known as “Indian Ernie” by the local community he served and not so affectionately those he arrested during his remarkable 30-year career as a Patrol Sargaent in the Saskatoon Police Force. He now spends his time speaking and writing. He has authored 3 books about his life. His first work of fiction is coming in 2022.

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S4, Ep 44: Beth Riungu - A Good Death Contemplating our own mortality was forced upon us during this COVID time. Beth’s new venture, “Morternity”, proposes to bring the process of dying, planning for it, and speaking about it, into the modern age.

S4, Ep 45: Martin Parnell - Win or Learn The remarkable Martin Parnell has achieve so many remarkable achievements in a short period of time. But he tackles his feats of physical endurance one small increment at a time. He chooses to try, and learn from his efforts rather than being overwhelmed by the goals he sets for himself.

S4, Ep 46: Lohifa Pogoson-Acker - Be Who You Are Lohifa’s message is simple. Be who you are. In her case, it is “Be the light” The bright light for others. A beautiful message for this time.

S4, Ep 47: Stefan de Villiers - Finding Our Voice Stefan overcame many obstacles to find his path as a mental health practitioner, helping others who struggle with trauma and finding their identity. His podcast is called: Softly Spoken.

S4, Ep 48: (Episode out 2022-01-18T07:00:00Z) Niti Nadarajah - Compassionate Silence Niti’s journey through miscarriage and motherhood is harrowing but her resilience and transformation as a person is as inspiring as they come.

S4, Ep 49: (Episode out 2022-02-01T07:00:00Z) J Paul Nadeau - Choose Your Life How do we stop ourselves from becoming hostages of our thoughts and past experiences? Former hostage negotiator, author and podcaster, Paul shares his perspectives on creating an extraordinary life from a troubled start.

S5, Ep 50: March 1, 2022 Amy Conway-Hatcher - Infinitely More. Amy’s departure from Big Law on International Women’s Day 2021 was the beginning of her journey to advocate for a better context for aspiring career women.

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A special Live in THE ARENA episode on International Women’s Day, 2022-03-08T17:00:00Z with Amy Conway-Hatcher.

We’ll have a live, interactive Q&A as a continuation of our interview last week. Episode 50: Amy Conway-Hatcher - Infinitely More

Join us!

(And check out Fireside if you haven’t already).

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S5, Ep 51: March 15, 2022 Anne Bokma - One Life We Know. Anne Bokma speaks about her ‘Year of Living Spiritually’ and her courageous journey back to her family, and spiritual faith on her own terms

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Aaaaaand finally… OverDrinks will be live on FiresideChat. 2022-03-22T16:00:00Z
OVER DRINKS: A Canadian, an American and a European walk into a bar… to have a LIVE(ly) conversation about alcohol: the love, the abuse and the social obsession. Are you into it or ‘over it’?
Join us!: Listen to Linda McLachlan on Fireside, Tuesday, March 22 at 12:00pm ET.

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