Experience Imagineer wanted

I’m looking for an Experience Imagineer who is passionate about community, to help me with community building on the Podcaster Community.

You’ll start as an unpaid volunteer for 4 weeks with unfettered access to me. After that, we’ll discuss whether we want to continue for pay. If it becomes a paying gig, you will need at least 3 hours per week for the role.

We’ll have lots of Zoom meetings in those first 4 weeks, and we’ll have at least a weekly, 1-hour, 1on1 Zoom meeting if it becomes a paying gig. You’ll probably want to be within about 5 hours of US Eastern timezone.

What does an Experience Imagineer do?


You imagine, investigate, discuss with me, and give input on how we design, build, maintain, and improve everything related to people’s experience of the community.

An Experience Imagineer is concerned with: People’s experiences when first visiting a community, people’s experience creating an account, logging in, learning whatever platform is in use, if/how/when/why people become paying members, does some feature make sense, what aren’t people using and why, what can’t people find, etc…

An Experience Imagineer says things like: People here like posts like this one; We should do that more often. People aren’t using this feature because it’s confusing; Can we change it to be this other way? I see People asking about such-and-such; Could we build that for them? We have this huge feature that no one uses; Could we simplify by removing it?

You’re succeeding if people are having a joyful, transformative experience however they engage with the community.

What will you NOT be doing?

You’re not a moderator for the community. You don’t on-board new people, nor field people’s questions. You don’t write generic content for the community, nor post on social networks to “drive” people to the community.

It’s not about podcasting!

You do not need to be a podcaster. You do not need to know anything about podcasting. Feel free to spread this opening far and wide if you know anyone anywhere who might be a good fit. (At the bottom of this post, is a chain-icon. Click that to get a share URL.)

How much time will you spend as an intern?

A lot.

Realistically, an hour or more every day. Lots of shorter working sessions will work out better than huge catch-up sessions. The internship is meant to be a four week dash of effort by both of us (and you’ll get to work with other members of the team too). After that dash, we’ll know if this will be a great fit for both of us in the long run.

After the internship, I expect you’ll settle into a more relaxed schedule of your own design.


You’ll be working entirely remotely. You’ll need a fast-enough, modern, notebook or desktop, and solid Internet connectivity for good Zoom calls. Mac/PC/Other is fine. I’m a Mac person though. So if you’re a PC person, my ability to help you figure stuff out on your computer is going to be non-existent.

You do NOT need to know about running multiple web browsers, clearing cache and cookies, the ins-and-outs of Discourse, how Web 2.0 applications work on the Internet, Markdown, HTML, email, RSS, etc…

You only need to be down to get your hands dirty with tech, because you will know that stuff by the time we’re through. :slight_smile:


You do NOT need to have read books on community, engaged in FeverBee, Discourse Meta, or StackExchange, listened to podcasts on community, etc… This opening is about people’s experience of community. We’ll surely cover a lot of that stuff… but it’s not a prerequisite.

Legal stuff

  • You’ll have access to stuff. You’ll need to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The agreement covers the proprietary stuff that is part of the community (for example: community members’ personal information) and the proprietary stuff that is part of the business that runs the community (for example: the contents of our private meetings.)

  • You will NOT be asked to sign a “non-compete.” I expect you’ll use whatever you learn doing this work, wherever and whenever you want.

  • If you are a US citizen and you end up in the paying gig, I will need to report your earnings to the US IRS. That means you’ll need to fill out an IRS form I-9.

Still interested?

Jump on my schedule for a Zoom and let’s chat.


@craig So good to see this sign of the growth of this community!! I have a person I would ABSOLUTELY recommend as she’s the one who built out the Create Your Own School Discourse community structure. I can say that IF she were interested, you would NOT be disappointed. The challenge is that she is either a Canadian citizen or a Costa Rican one as I know she was raised in Canada and now lives in Costa Rica. Would you be able to pay for this gig as an independent contractor? I don’t want to send this to her if you already know that this is not possible.


Yes, the business can pay someone for their services if they are not a US citizen. I updated the legalese bit above.

The gig would always be as an independent contractor.

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