Volunteers to test a new feature here on PodComm?

I need a fresh pair of eyes to try a new feature out.
I’ve a new experimental feature here on the Podcaster Community. I’ll need you to grab a half-hour Zoom call within the next 7 days or so. I don’t want to fully explain the feature in this message… because it’s not ready for Prime Time yet.

You’ll need a notebook/desktop web browser
The one you use to access this community platform would be fine. :slight_smile: I want to experiment with you using a web browser on desktop because I’m going to ask you to screen-share pretty much the entire time so I can see what you see — so not mobile clients, and not the Discourse Hub app.

Half hour, recorded
I’m not going to publish the recording, I simply don’t want to have to take notes as we’re going along. We’ll be done in a half hour and there’s nothing you have to do before or after.

You can be anyone
But if you know what an “email drip” is, or you like to get daily emails… you’ll like this thing I want to play with.

To be clear: You’re not signing up for email or anything… I just want to show you a feature and pick your brain, for a half an hour. :slight_smile:

Please reply and tag any community building peeps that you know are here.

…and that reminds me: Here, new group @community_builders

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I’m in, @craig

  • on Jan 3 please follow up as that is the day I will be able to set a day and time (for sometime in the three or four days you have left at that point). Intrigued!
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I could potentially volunteer, the end of the week or the weekend if you are on then?

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I have to out myself: I realized that the software I wanted people to try out, should do this-other-complex-thing instead of what-it-was-doing. And so I’m off on a tangent modifying it. I was hoping to get it done in a day or two…

But realistically, it won’t be ready for anyone to look at until at least next week.

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@craig Happy to help if I’m available, when you’re ready to share…

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@craig Next week sounds perfect - but NOT Tuesday 1/11/22. Happy to help.

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I’ve decided to shelve this project. So I no longer need testers. :slight_smile:

The entire idea is really neat… but it doesn’t clearly solve a problem we actually have. It would make new user onboarding nicer and it would make the new supporting members experience nicer… but it just requires too much time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ moving on to more pressing, and I think more valuable things which I believe you’ll all be way more interested in. :wink: