Discussion of "dailies" or "60-seconds" feature for PodComm

What shall we add/create to support “dailies” and/or “60-seconds” work within the Podcaster Community?

On Wednesday, 1pm Eastern (that’s your 2021-11-24T18:00:00Z) we’re having a zoom call to discuss :thinking:


Replies and discussion are welcome here on this topic too in case you can’t/don’t-want-to attend the Zoom session.

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I will be on the road tomorrow but I don’t know that I have a need for dailies here. They were really valuable for me in POD8, but I think I learned what I needed and on I go. That said, they’re really valuable and maybe others will be interested?


Hmm, perhaps a week of dailies to get the juices flowing again?

Or a 10-day practice to refine a specific skill/improve the workflow/simplify something?

I wouldn’t return to the 60-second practice, however it could be inspiring to watch others for a week or so.


I will aim for tomorrow’s zoom…

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Hi @craig. I’m traveling and will not be attending the call.

I would be interested in moving my POD 9 60-Sec, which moved to FL Dailies, over to the podcaster community. Not sure where else I would house them once FL closes.

And I volunteer to help set up, monitor, or whatever this topic. Should the community feel, it has value.


Not sure I will make it tomorrow.
But I think it is a good idea to have an and/or place to start your own thread. People can decide whether to post their dailies or 60 seconds.


I wish I could attend but will be at work.

Here is my 2 cents. Feel free to share in the meeting. @craig

I think a hybrid would be good. I did “Dailies” in The Creative Workshop and posted all kinds of things. In The Podcast Workshop I did “60 Seconds a Day” and that actually turned into my podcast that I will be launching soon.

I think now that we are past the Workshops we should come up with something for Podcomm (supporters only please for posting but public for viewing).

I would like to put something out there each day…whether it is a podcast episode, a trailer, a script, an unedited interview, a recorded chapter of a book, etc…

I propose it has a name that is PodComm specific.

Pod Doodle
Podcaster Journal
Audio Doodle
PodComm Journal
Podcaster Log Entry


I agree…not 60 Second practice… .that was a good warm up for newbies…but we are Pros!


Addendum: I could see how I could use this, actually, to help me produce a “12 days of XYZ” series that I have wanted to make for a while.

It would help keep it lean and focused, and having a few people read the thread and cheer me on while I sit alone in my office producing the entire thing could do me good.

And it would be fun to see what other people do for a short sprint like that and to cheer them on. :slight_smile:


I’m digging the idea of this being more of a way for podcasters to “journal” or “doodle”.

A way for people to show their work—whether that might be writing that they are smithing to become a recorded piece of audio, or short audio ala 60-seconds, or variations of some episode under experimentation, etc.

I’m also leaning towards making an entirely new Category to house this stuff. That way every member can set the notification level on that Category —everyone needs to be able to mute this entire thing if they don’t want to be bothered.

As for making it so only Supporting Members can use it… I would like there to be some exclusivity to this feature. We can’t have 1,000 free members using it. (It won’t crash the site, but it will be vastly too much for anyone to follow what’s going on.)

…perhaps only Supporting Members can start a new topic in this-new-thing.

Should anyone be able to reply to your topic? …or should that also be Supporting Members only?

Note that anyone can still start a topic in #public and link to your other topic or @mention you. Restricting replies to Supporting Members would simply keep the topics you start in this-new-thing super focused by limiting who can reply-right-there-on-the-topic.

details details details . . .


public vs members only

Is there a way to only let members start topic of this type but have it open to be seen publicly? If someone was working on parts for their podcast or using the space to post episodes…that could be great for audience building so letting the public be able to read and comment would be nice.

If that is possible it would also give people a reason to join the community.


The ability to “see”, “create” (post a new topic) and “reply” (to an existing/ongoing topic) are configurable separately.

For example in #introductions — Supporting Members can create, but no on else. Everyone can see (including search engines and people not even logged in). Replying requires reaching “level 1”. When you first log in, you start at “level 0” and it’s easy to get to level 1. This prevents someone from creating an account (which is free, and anyone can do it in seconds) and then scribbling replies all over people’s introductions (which I’d then have to delete.)

This-new-thing we’re discussing could be configured just like #introductions . Supporting Members would get visibility for whatever-they-re-posting there. Other users can choose to follow (by setting tracking notifications on a topic, or watching-first-post on the entire category, etc.). Most users (level 1 and above) can engage by replying.

looks like you just need to name what this category will be…

Here’s the video (30 minutes) from our call today… SEVERAL really good ideas are in here.

:pleading_face: I don’t suppose I could possibly convince someone to watch this and then post a reply with some notes on what we covered? :pray:


Great discussion today, @craig!

The video isn’t showing up for me. (Looks like it’s working now.)

An additional idea I had for the cohort groups. What if they were (mostly) based on where you are in the podcasting journey?

Like @GermanWithNicole mentioned, she is feeling beyond the “60 second” level, but she may benefit from a more advanced intentional group.

So, maybe we have a “60 seconds” group/cohort that graduates into a series cohort, or something like that.

I guess my question is really this:

What does the journey to become a podcaster look like, and how can you make it obvious when someone joins the community?

Maybe that starts with “Go over to Akimbo and join POD10. Meanwhile double post here.” I don’t know. Is this mostly the place to go after you warm up in a POD?

As a baby podcaster, I need a place to start and people to help me along the way. That’s my place on the journey right now, and as I go, I’ll get beyond that.

I’m excited to see what comes of this!

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This fits in exactly with what we’re imagining whatever-this-thing-will-be-called will be. People can use it to work on anything—written content, audio recordings, whatever.

This is an excellent point. It brings up the discussion of who this community is for, Who's it for? …notably, teaching people to podcast is not this community’s primary purpose.

For sure, a motivated learner (as you clearly are @petersumsion ) can chip away at things in a sort of self-directed learning. You can definitely read things here, ask lots of questions, but not expect a clear path to be laid out for you to get you to “podcaster.” Wherever possible, I (and I feel everyone else would agree with me,) would be delighted if this community enables such self-learning.

I want whatever-this-new-thing-is-called to support podcasters and their ongoing passion. (Danny’s reply about his music is a perfect example of what I want to be sure this new thing supports.) But this new thing isn’t intended to be part of teaching peole how to podcast.

I hope that makes things clearer, not more muddy?

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@craig If there is no time sensitivity, I’m happy to jump on it when I’m back in town next week.

…uh, we should find a place for you to post that. :slight_smile:
It’s going to get buried under the snow that is this dicussion about dailies/60-seconds/whatever-its-to-be-called

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