EthosFL is assembled

A week or two ago I had a great conversation with Tim Banks. He’s one of the key people who stepped forward to work to create something as a direct descendent from Forward Link. Today they’ve announced that EthosFL is ready, if you have access to Forward Link, you can read more (and request access to EthosFL) here:

When Tim and I chatted we were both excited by the different opportunities that open with the sunset of Forward Link. I wanted to find a way (but didn’t have any good ideas at the time) to have this community somehow help what they are doing.


…also, I’ve been talking to various people here about doing something with dailies or 60-seconds. But there hasn’t yet been a clear thing that we need here; so I’ve hesitated setting something up just to set seomthing up. I believe—but don’t hold me to it—that EthosFL will have the same spaces for “dailies” that ForwardLink had.


Yes, it already has that Dailies-space set up!

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@craig I do like the idea of dailies or 60 seconds a day! Maybe come up with your own unique title for it in this group. Doing something each day and “shipping” to the group is such a wonderful practice!

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I’ve also been thinking that the #resources and #snapshots categories are not needed. (Categories - Podcaster Community has a full list of categories.)

So I’ve thought of adding something like a “hallway” (as in, the “hallway track” one experiences at a large conference, all the spontaneous interations that happen between the scheduled stuff) or a “water cooler” or . . . something.

This would allow everyone to put the noisier, or sillier, things in there. Members can then adjust their following/notifications for that area separately from the other categories.

@craig I looked at the EthosFL platform.

I find I get distracted easily. I get lost in the SNO storm (shiny new objects storm). This is a major contributor to my procrastination problem (I am working through the 12 steps about procrastination like it is an addiction…because it is).

I did the Creatives Workshop last fall. I started out by trying to write a book in community (which is a bad idea for book writing…lol) but as I explored different types or creativity there, I did make a decision to prioritize Podcasting and that led to The Podcast Workshop (as my divorce was finalizing for my 30+ years marriage).

And…back to the SNO storm (procrastination addiction)…I also was in The Doers Way…trying to make an online course and community out of my concepts in my book “Productivity Wisdom”. I made an umbrella name for all my ideas “Passion Lighters” and used that as my podcast goal in the workshop. I also started recording my book with Anchor and making a “Productivity Wisdom” podcast on Spotify. I did my 60 seconds a day “Just Jamie” and since “Passion Lighters” was too big, I decided to make “Just Jamie” my first podcast.

Also during the Podcast Workshop a guy I connected with online encouraged me to make an internet radio station with him (he is also a SNO storm victim so together we created a blizzard…radio station, podcasts, book, music…on and on)

I joined The Bootstrappers Worshop and ForwardLink in an attempt to tie all my many projects together…I pretty much just hit a crash and burnout before Bootstrappers was over and really didn’t even participate.

OMG…frozen from the SNO storm…hypothemia…left for dead…
I have done nothing for 3 months but eat, sleep, go to work and flirt with men on FB dating.

So as I am recovering from the SNO storm, I am here now…trying to thaw out and FOCUS!

Bottom line: I don’t know that I want to continue on EthosFL when it starts being $20 per month especially but even if it is free…it divides me too much. I need 1 thing at a time…especially while I am still working to make ends meet.