Akimbo's Podcasting Workshop

The next iteration of the course is coming up soon.

This gets talked about a lot here in PodComm — but there are a significant number of people here who are not Akimbo Alumni (of Podcasting or any other course).

Akimbo’s Podcasting Workshop

That will bounce you to the course site. Me/we/Podcomm do not get a kickback for talking about this course or linking to it — I simply believe in the course, got a ton from it and want to pay it forward. @POD6 @POD9.5 @pod10

If you’re considering taking the course, but have questions… hit reply and we’ll see what this community has to say based on our experiences. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know for sure (@steveh thoughts?) who the coaches are for this iteration of the course. But many of them have been on this communities podcast…

Instincts - with Alexandra Dipalma
Journey - with Steve Heatherington
Magic - with Jey Jeyendran

…would be three that spring to mind as great places to start listening.


The coaches will be
@steveh @The_YOGI_MD_Podcast @thearena @Jey - the old team for one last run-through under the Akimbo flag.

Happy to answer any and all questions.

Here is a great promo video clip:


Then these two episodes are apropos as well…

Breath - with Nadine Kelly
Storytelling - with Linda McLachlan


@steveh Greetings, Steve!
What does that mean, “under the Akimbo flag”? Is Akimbo changing branding?

I got so much from that workshop (not just about podcasting, but new friends!). I can’t imagine trying to learn to podcast without it.


Bigger changes afoot - details were in the ForwardPodcasters email you opened last week. All the workshops are being given to the teachers for them to decide if they will continue with them. Alex DiPalma plans to continue wit POD in 2023. More details to follow.

Hope you are doing well Jule


Steve, thanks for herding this cat. I went back to the Aug 10 email and scrolled down for the details. So glad Alex plans to continue and I’m guessing that means you will as well, so thank you. :orange_heart: