Update on Alex DiPalma's podcasting course

Are you aware that Alex DiPalma has put up an email list for the upcoming continuation of her Podcasting Workshop:

If you want updates on what Alex is creating next, please go join that list. I’m excited to see what she creates!

Domino Sound is Alex’s podcast production company, which you should also totally go check out to see what shows she produces… :slight_smile:

In case you just went… What? Who? I’ll add…

Alex DiPalma worked with Seth Godin to create the Podcasting Workshop (originally called The Podcasting Fellowship). That workshop was run 11 times as an Akimbo.com workshop. (The 11th cohort wraps up Jan 5 2023 — welcome to the new @POD11 people here!)

You can hear my conversation with Alex on Podtalk as Instincts - with Alexandra DiPalma, or wherever you listen to podcasts.




I signed up, but I haven’t gotten anything yet. We shall see!


Great news!


Hi Christi

Hoping you got confirmation of your subscription. If not let me know and I will go fix whatever is broken.

More news to come in January - work is definitely in progress.

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Ah-hah! I did get a welcome note, subject line: “Welcome to The Podcasting Workshop Email List” on December 9th.

Thanks, @steveh, for nudging me to go hunt this down!

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Hope you have a good break over the holidays. Stay safe and stay warm. I am going to feed my wet alpacas now!

Jac says hi - this is his festive look (almost like pretend antlers)


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