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Magic, publishing and imposter syndrome

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You two made an oustanding episode! I enjoyed it so much I’ll repeat it for sure.

@Jey is the audio for the interview with that psychologist still available somewhere? Or is there somewhere where her work is available? Sounds fascinating.

Go, go, go!


You are very kind @GermanWithNicole

This is the episode (#16) from my first show Productivity Heaven. The guest is Rani Bains - just an incredible guest. I’ve uploaded it to Soundcloud.

Productivity Heaven was my first show created while a student on the Akimbo Podcasting Workshop 4. I learned so much during that first show which was a mix of face to face and Zoom interviews. This was face to face.

During this particular taping I had both mics (Samson 2QU) connected to a Zoom H6 field recorder. I gave Rani headphones and she was fine. But I could not hear anything via my headphones. Managed not to panic as the audio meters on my Zoom showed the mics were recording fine but I couldn’t hear her. Turned out I had not pressed my headphone jack hard enough into the socket. But my guest never figured out I was having a heart attack while figuring this all out.

We recorded in her office in the middle of London. Lots of sirens going off and I was happy to keep that noise in. Also from time to time, you can hear a ripple of what sounds like wind chimes - Rani was wearing around 20 wrist bangles on each arm and when she got excited she waved her arms around and created a series of chimes. I thought it was delightful so I kept it in - plus I didn’t have the skills to remove it anyway! My point is that I learned to relax and not worry about getting “perfect” sound.

Also, I started to interrupt my guest to probe further. Before that, I asked a question and then shut up because I thought the audience didn’t want to hear me. Realised that a conversational approach was much better.

I could go on with other things I learned! But I guess what I love about podcasting is that every episode is a lesson. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Thank you so much @Jey ! I already listened to it once and I’m going to listen to it again. She’s truly remarkable, and I learned a lot from this episode.

“Every episode is a lesson.” That’s very true. It’s true for the listener as well as the host/producer.

Next year I might start adding interviews to the podcast, and @craig 's community podcast, this interview and a host of others have given me some great ideas for what I want to do with it. If/when.

Thanks again for sharing this. Very generous of you.

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Thank you for sharing this Nicole. The response to Jey’s episode has been insane. By far the most-mentioned person when I ask the guests who they wanted to hear.

I’m finishing up an article from Elisa Graf’s episode, ( [note, that’s a Supporting Members only link].) Once I have that published, I’ll start writing the companion article for this episode. :slight_smile:

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@craig @Jey What’s the one question I should have asked you? Brilliant! I learned so much listening to this brief 20 minutes. I have not heard anyone mention - you have to be in love with podcasting, or at least some part of it, to make room for it.
Thank you both.


Thanks @Jayne. It’s so kind of you to take the time to say :pray:

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