Who is your ultimate dream guest?

Hi Podcasters!!

I am working on a project and trying to identify who are “dream guests.” currently. Who is buzzing? If you could have anyone, alive, guest on your podcast right now who would it be??


@Hoagie asked me (and some others on a zoom) that the other day. I really got stuck trying to answer… I guess I just don’t think of guests that way.

…but interested to hear what others have to say :laughing:



Give us a hint as to general area of interest?

any area! Anyone living!!

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I was just building out my list, for https://soundbits.simplecast.com here’s the top 10.
Thanks for asking.People who I want to meet.

  1. Elon Musk
  2. Taylor Swift (business guru, brilliance)
  3. Hermione Granger
  4. Jessica Parker (sex in the city)
  5. Katie Couric
  6. James Patterson
  7. Waren Buffet
  8. Jeff Bezos
  9. Judit Polgar

Tim Ferriss


Seinfeld! Comedians in Cars Having Coffee on Coffee Explorer Podcast!


Thank you everyone!! This has been really helpful.

I second Tim Ferriss. Love his podcast, and love love love his 5-Bullet Friday newsletter.

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Okay, if we’re shooting for the stars, how about Greta Gerwig! And Margot Robbie while we’re at it, since she and Greta were dissed by the Oscars. :unamused:


@kgroshek , what a fun list!

@jennifermyerschua , if it were famous people, some that I’d include:

  • Terry Gross, Fresh Air host
  • Samantha Power, former US ambassador
  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy
  • Fredrick Wiseman, documentarian
  • Stuart Firestein, neuroscientist
  • Anthony Fauci, MD
  • John Dickerson, TV journalist

Em Schultz, and that’s why we drink
Christine, beach too sandy water too wet
Griff, petty crimes