The IDEA CLUB meets Tuesday 6/6/2023

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Remember our Meeting on May 2, 2023?
… that’s when @CatherineJ suggested a simplified version of the Lean Coffee “insta-structured meeting format”, which we all immediately embraced, tried and loved! As Catherine has wisely indicated, it’s not for every kind of meeting everywhere. But I say, gosh, it sure seemed ideal for us. Nobody is working to assemble a “show” ahead of time. We set our own agenda on the fly the minute we get together. Easy, interesting and so engaging.

Here’s what to expect. First, we take 5 minutes for set-up. Participants enter their topic of interest into the Chat. Then we launch into extracting and addressing the topics one by one. Each participant succinctly shares their topic then gets the group’s considered attention and discussion for 5 minutes. Get your topics ready!

Remember! We meet on the FIRST Tuesday of Every Month.

Fix it into your Calendar! :grinning: And watch for alerts in the Podcaster Community Calendar.



Hi Mary,

Thank you, as always for keeping us on track!

Fingers crossed here in Tupelo, MS where I’m based still…after tornadoes, that I’ll be able to join y’all.

Hugs xo


@Lovelace - Fingers and Toes all crossed up in a hopeful knot, here in Missouri too. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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@maryjlrowe Thank you for hosting another great chat today and for everyone’s contribution!

We set our next IDEA CLUB for July 11 (right?) - I’m not available that day … just FYI -. I know it will be anothr worthwhile fun session.

xox catherine