Idea Club Meets TODAY 8/1/2023

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Hey, didn’t we just do this? YES, we met on July 18 in lieu of July 4.

NOW, we’re back to our regular schedule - FIRST TUESDAY of the Month!

What happens during the 30 minute Idea Club.

  1. LOTS! We start with “set-up” during which participants enter their IDEA into the Chat.
  2. Your prep is to come with an idea in mind. SOMETHING, ANYTHING relevant to Podcasting.
  3. Then we select ideas, one by one, and discuss. That means, we succinctly share our idea and initiate a short group discussion. When that person is finished, they select the next person.
  4. We all seem to be “watching the clock” and self-monitoring around the available time (30 minutes) so everyone gets a turn. We’re awesome like that! :grin: SEE YOU SOON

RELEVANT, FASCINATING, ENJOYABLE - just like the attending Podcasters



What time?

Got it 3:00

I received as an email which is great but time was hidden.

I hope to see you all today!


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3:00 pm Eastern Time
2:00 pm Central Time
1:00 pm Mountain Time
12:00 noon Pacific Time

@clevpt It would be a delight to have you join us Carole!

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Oh gosh Ooops - forgot to save the CHAT! Forehead Slap! :open_mouth:

We had lively rich discussions on several topics - apologies to any I forgot - which for sure I did.
Please make corrections and additions.

Craig: The Ice Berg Effect - doing 90% of the work to discover there is 90% MORE - and MORE yet again?
Christi and Lovelace: Descript is moving entirely into its NEW Platform soon. Some of us were on a recent Training - which was confusing. BTW - Discourse also has YouTube and Discord components (Discord beautifully explained by Craig) and Annetta referenced another video gaming live chat software.
Annetta: Expanding our sense of us through experiences with the differently abled (enabled?) Expanded on by Catherine. Podcasting can amplify many voices.
Mary will begin with her topic next month.
The discussion, so rich, clipped right along, all extremely relevant to our Podcasting. We all learned something new and enjoyed the discussion and energy.
OUR NEXT 30 minute Idea Club ZOOM is Tuesday September 5, 2023 at 2 pm Central.
The FIRST Tuesday of EVERY MONTH is our time. :blush:

Thanks to all who made it on such short notice. Put in your calendar. Keep an eye on the Podcaster Community Calendar. Join us next time for 30 minutes VERY WELL SHARED!!!

I took the liberty of fixing a writo in your post… Descript—the online audio and video editing platform—is soon moving [as I understand it] to it’s new “skin”… or whatever they’re calling it.

Also, if one subscribes to the Podcaster Community calendar, that includes the Idea Club events. One calendar subscription, and you get everything (including the Forward Podcasters monthly calls hosted by @steveh )

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Thanks @craigconstantine - you’re just plain awesome! :grin: