TODAY TODAY TODAY Idea Club Meets - 9/5/2023

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It’s Illuminating!
Maybe it’s doable for you today - ONLY 30 minutes.
This engaging group of friends WELCOMES YOU to our consistent FIRST TUESDAY monthly meeting.

What happens during the 30 minute ZOOM Idea Club Meeting?

1. LOTS! First we “set-up” during which participants enter their IDEA into the Chat.
2. Your prep is to come with an idea in mind. SOMETHING, ANYTHING relevant to Podcasting.
3. Then we select from our ideas, one by one, and discuss.
This means, we succinctly share our idea and initiate a short group discussion. When that person is finished, they select the next person.
4. ONLY 30 minutes. We promise! :grin: SEE YOU SOON


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Hi Mary,

Hope I can make this afternoon’s meeting. I’m traveling in the morning for disaster work in Florida for the next few months, and today is get everything ready and packed.

Thinking of you and everyone!



@Lovelace HOPE SO TOO. Am sure wd would ALL :heart: to see you and hear from you!

Hi Mary et al!

I trust you’re doing well. I’m not able to join today and I’m traveling during out Oct date… hope to see you in November!

cheers and xox to all!


Catherine Jaeger

+1 650.218.5578

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@ideaclub @supporters @AnnieP @Lovelace @ChristiCassidy @Anna @craigconstantine @Hoagie @Annetta-iCU365 @CatherineJ
Many many thanks to those who stopped by The Idea Club today because ALL of you made for, once again, a most interesting, instructive and highly engaging 30 minutes. We discussed these topics - but to get the FULL experience, you just needed to be there. :wink: BTW - corrections accepted! :grin:

  1. Publishing as a way to build a TRIBE - a following.
  2. The enduring value of a PERSONAL Website as a hub for our creativity and a “sticky place” where we can engage with “fans.”
  3. Is there value in sending out “Social Cards” around our Podcasts and this expanded into related discussion around the use of graphics in general.
  4. Methods to request and receive feedback from listeners inorder to improve.
  5. Love it or not so much - Spotify IS popular!
  6. Maybe it should be a VLOG!

Our next ZOOM meeting is October 3. See you then and there! :grin:

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This is very cool. I have another standing meeting at 3 on Tuesdays, but if I am available, I will check one of these out.

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