Share the last photo on your phone!

About a month ago, I was lamenting the loss of some of my Movement mojo. After some soul-searching, we started with a simple change: Rather than waiting for movement to happen as a part of our day, we began asking a simple question, every day:

What are we doing tomorrow?



ha! too cute. International Dog-speak for, “I’m helpless. No really! Trust me!” Name?

Honestly I’m cheating a little bit. A bunch of the photos I took on my phone for purely documentary pictures of somebody’s slideshow that would be out of context and boring.

Here I’m trying to capture the light that was coming in and it didn’t quite capture the glow but I tried.


That’s a nice photo!

…if you phone’s camera has a manual exposure adjustment, try some over-exposing.

(on an iPhone, you touch-and-hold on a spot to lock the focus point. you get a yellow box. Now touch anywhere on the screen—if you touch and release, it unlocks the focus. So you touch-AND-slide upwards to increase exposure, or down to decrease. Takes fiddling, but it’s a handy trick. If you’re shooting something that has a dark area, like a shadow under a tree, you can lock focus there, and up the exposure a bit. I digress :slight_smile:


I’ll have to investigate… my android is not working quite like - but I did discover a new feature for cropping and searching like images on google. Thanks!

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My cousin sent this to me in honor of my birthday tomorrow. Thought it’d be fun to share. (I’m 3!)


Happy birthday, @heather!


Thanks @David3560 ! :slight_smile: