Reporting in: day 2 AnnieP

Done! My second day of 30 minutes. What I’ve noticed is I am better for the recording earlier in the day.
@craigconstantine @clevpt @KatCocks

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probably more interesting (people can set the notification level they prefer) to reply to one growing topic… like a journal. We even have #journals for such topics so people can set watching-first-post on that entire category too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ymmv

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We do @craigconstantine
The journal thing? I was trying to figure out how to make this a thread.
Now I know// LOL // so to create the journal I just hashtag journal and it gets deposited over there?
Am I understanding the process?

Every topic is in a single category. To the right of the title of your topic (way at the top) is a pencil icon. You can click that to move a topic to another category.

Or when creating a new Topic, you can use the drop down toward the right to set the category (probably defaults to #public )

So you can start a new Topic (eg, “Accountability journal”) and put it in the #journals category… or you can edit one of your existing topics (you can change the title too) to put it in #journals

There’s an @Journals group for tagging other journalers here.